Book Review: I Wish I Could Remember You

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144361614679454Plot: Life is finally beginning to fall into place for Emily. Her divorce from her abusive husband is about to go through and she has a new man in her life who is prepared to commit to her. But she should have known it would be too good to last.

When an accident leaves Emily with retrograde amnesia, she can only remember the good times with her estranged husband – and he is adamant he will make the most of that. Will Emily see the truth or will she once again be stuck in a life where she doesn’t feel safe?



I Wish I Could Remember You 3

Quote: `They would be honest with each other, and they would make sure there were no misunderstandings between them. Their path was clear. They would be married, one day. Emily and Robert loved each other, and love was all they needed.`


Opinion: I Wish I Could Remember You by L.J Epps had the potential to be a really good novel. Exploring the complications of memory loss and the affect it has on the lives of everyone involved is a strong topic for a novel. Unfortunately, this one failed to deliver and I was left feeling disappointed and frustrated.

The plot could have been strong but the dialogue undermined it. The majority of the speech was weak and read as forced – additional words or phrases that you wouldn’t use in everyday life interrupted the speech, slowed down the pacing and made the characters sound ridiculous. There was even a point where a character responded to something one had thought rather than ever said.

The characters did not develop enough. Emily was weak; even with her accident, she would appear determined and adamant, then backtrack and do the opposite. Robert backed down to easily and felt like a waste of space who only wanted his happy ending. Steven could have been a great villain, but his sections came across as conflicted – the reader was never truly aware of what he was planning: it felt like he was building up to something that never happened. Talk about missing the mark!

I chose this quote because it clearly shows the clichés found throughout the whole book. There was never the issue of mistrust and honesty between Emily and Robert, so that sentence felt as if it came out of the blue and contradicted the relationship the book had set up. Also, to finish a book with that cliché made me cringe – definitely not a strong ending!

Research for this sort of book is, of course, absolutely paramount. When the reader has received that knowledge, however, it is only annoying to witness other characters being told about it as well – we only need it once, paraphrasing would have worked the second and third times around. I feel like I know about retrograde amnesia now though!

Unfortunately, `I Wish I Could Remember You` disappointed me. It had the potential to develop and it just never took off. It lacked the spark to make a good novel.



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