Make Up Post: Revlon Parfumerie Nail Varnishes Review

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A couple of months ago, Groupon had a deal involving Revlon Parfumerie nail varnishes. Considering my nail polish addiction and the bargain price, I went for it. It was a lucky dip of 6 colours (for around £10 + P&P – bargain!), so I had no input as to the colours I would get.

I was fortunate that I loved them all! As you can see, the colours ranged quite significantly. The two pinks were both bright and bold, but the others were far subtler. I was concerned the blue would be too in your face when wearing it, but it tones down far more than it shows in the bottle. The only drawback was that they are all quite wintery colours, but I suppose that is why they were the ones in the lucky dip!

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I already owned some Revlon nail varnishes, so knew they should be good quality. They were. I did find, however, they were definitely ones where you had to put two coats on – they looked relatively washed out and uneven on the first coat, then, like magic, turned into a smooth finish. The colours were strong, but not bold – they didn’t look pale once they were on but were quite sophisticated in their own way. They also lasted well – I managed to keep them all on for an entire week at a time without chipping a single nail!

The range is supposed to be a perfumed one – meaning the nail varnish should have a distinct smell once it has been applied and dried (not just the usual smell of nail varnish!) I didn’t find this to be the case. In fact, I couldn’t smell anything at all! But considering I hadn’t purchased them because I was after a perfumed one meant that it doesn’t bother me. I liked the colours and that is the important thing for me. If you were after that element though, you would have been disappointed.

Revlon Nail Varnishes 2The lid was awkward! They looked very sleek with the round balls for lids but it made it very hard to grip and get a good angle when painting your nails. The circular shape didn’t give you a steady hold and the ball was just a little too small to be able to hold comfortably. That being said, I did manage to apply all the nail varnishes to my normal skill level, so it did not impact the wearing, it just didn’t feel like the best design.

My favourite colour was definitely the Italian Leather. I love subtle greys for my nails, especially during the colder months and had more than one comment on the colour when I was wearing it. I can’t complain about any of the colours considering I had no input and simple love the names of them! I received:

  • Italian Leather
  • China Flower
  • Autumn Spice
  • Surf Spray
  • Beachy
  • Bordeaux

I will definitely be on the lookout for any more deals and recommend them for anyone looking for some new Revlon nail varnishes!


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