Up and Coming: July


I’m trying not to think about how it is that time of the month again. No, not that time, blogging time. Post planning, tweet timetabling and book bookings. The time where I look back at how the last month has gone (good blog wise, you honestly don’t want to know otherwise) and think about what is up and coming for the summery month of July.

With any luck, some nice weather. A few weeks hardly makes a summer, I’m bored of the rain and cold now. With even more luck, things starting to go my way a little, but more on that will be revealed in my Dear Diary post coming later this month.

How about entertainment wise? What’s on the agenda in that front?

Up and Coming 1

Books: This month has quite a lot scheduled in for blog tours to be honest. Or, had, as one of them was posted on Monday and I hope you all liked my review.

I received a copy of The Couple Next Door at the end of May and deliberately held off reading it so I could publish the review closer to the date. I’m in two minds about how I feel about this book: I adored The Widow but hated Gone Girl, so hope it echoes the former rather than the latter in style.

Assassin’s Quest is definitely up there. How could it not be as I have just read the first two? Then to finish off my month of books, I’m going for Talon. A netgalley book that I am anxious to read, so I am hoping it will not disappoint. Unfortunately, no WHSmith book this month as I just don’t have time.

Up and Coming 2Films: After struggling to get Lovefilm to actually send me what I want, I’ve gone the other way this time. I’ve got both Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – a film I have wanted to see since it was mentioned a few times at uni – and Dracula Untold – just because really – on their way to me right now.

I’m also finally going to be able to watch The Martian. I know this for a fact because I now own it! I’m also hoping for The 5th Wave film to turn up and am secretly hoping I’m going to get through The Flash. Considering how much is still left to watch, I’m not sure on that one yet. Hopefully there will be a series of some sort reviewed at the end of the month.

I’m hoping to explore my writing a little more this month and trying to explain why I write. I’ll also take a look at what books I’ve been buying and let you in on how things are going in a diary style. Should be good fun!

So there we have it, my July. With any luck, pure entertainment. I’m definitely hoping the films are good and looking forward to seeing what adventures the books take me on this time. How about everyone else, what have you got planned?


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