Personal Post: Why I Write

Why I Write 1

If asked why I write, my answer would be that it is a necessity. It’s more than a hobby, more than a pass-time. It’s a lifestyle and my day does not feel complete unless I have put words down in some shape or form.

There are many different styles of writing and my reasons vary depending on the style. For example, writing the blog is a form of expression, a way for me to put down my thoughts. I don’t know if anyone ever reads them, but it doesn’t matter. Writing down my thoughts on a particular topic – whether it be a book or film review or a more general post like this – helps me determine what I am feeling and, in this case, why I do something. It’s a liberating feeling; understanding what drives you.

Why I Write 2I am a novelist. Well, a want-to-be novelist who is struggling through her first fantasy novel. Anyone who has come across my novel posts know it is a hard challenge for me to stay inspired and find the time and motivation to get it done given everything else going on. Inspiration and dreams are my drive behind that type of writing. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do and seeing this world that I have created gradually come to take shape, for characters to take form and the plot come together; there is no feeling like it.

I imagine it is the same buzz that an artist or even actor gets when a piece they have been working on suddenly fits together. It’s rewarding in its own right and although I would love to one day be published, the act of writing gives me a thrill. What more could I want from writing?

I also write a lot of fanfiction. A lot of people don’t understand this concept or scoff at it. Perhaps you don’t have to create the world and the characters are there for you. But I know I for one have certainly put a few twists on the material that I have been given to work with and come out with something completely different.

This form of writing is pure escapism for me. Although I try to write it as efficiently as my novel, I can lose myself in what I am writing and often just let my story unfold rather than having to make sure everything matches up and I have no gaping plot-holes. After a bad day, or when I am full of frustration, I know I can write fanfiction and pour my concerns and worries into it and feel content and satisfied once I am done.

My final type of writing is rambling, personal blog posts. My reasons for writing these are less clear, even to myself. In a way, I guess it is just a matter of expressing myself and seeing for myself what I have achieved – or not – as the week has progressed.

So there we have it, my many reasons for writing. How about you?


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2 thoughts on “Personal Post: Why I Write

  1. Great post! People ask me why I write all the time too. I used to get teased in school for writing. One friend actually heard a girl say: “Oh my god, who likes to write!” and I had a really snarky thought. But I write because that’s been my release and I have lots of stories to tell. When I was younger it was an exercise in description, by the time I got to college and had a few workshops under my belt I got to understand how I could craft characters to behave realistically. My blog has become a way to make myself commit some words to paper every single day even if it isn’t the kind of writing I would like to publish or market.

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    • That is a great reason for writing, release is such an important thing in today’s busy life! Thanks for giving it a read, I’m glad you liked it!


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