Dear Diary: Bursting Blogs

Dear Diary

The timing for this post worked really nicely as I have this week off work. No holiday planned, I just needed to make sure I used up some of my days and as I haven’t had a break since Christmas, now was as good a time as any.

Despite not going away, it’s turning into quite a busy week with appointments, meet ups and all sorts. It’s lovely! I’m hoping by the end of the week I start to feel a little more refreshed.

dear20diary20julyLately, I have found I’m becoming more and more into blogging. I think part of it is because of being able to get hold of the free books and having good reactions to my posts and reviews. That in turn has inspired me and I feel like nowadays, it is the only thing I can think about. I had such fun choosing a new layout and made far too big a deal over changing my url!

How do you think of post ideas? If anyone has any good tips, please let me know, especially book posts. I was trying to plan next month’s posts the other day and I am starting to struggle to think of new things to discuss without constantly repeating myself. Every time I think perhaps I should have a blogging break, something will happen (normally me agreeing to a book tour) that just keeps me going for another month. I’m not sure what is for the best: a break that results in a fresh lot of ideas or just keep going while I can.

Part of why the blog has captivated me so much at the moment is that I have been struggling with other types of writing, both my novel, fanfiction and anything else that normally holds my attention. I think this is because I have been struggling with headaches and exhaustion lately so I haven’t been as inspired to write on the train as I was a few months ago. Blogging has become my outlet when other channels have failed me.

While I do not mind that blogging has taken over, I am hoping to rediscover my inspiration soon and get things moving. I like to have a balance between my creative outlets and will push myself in order to achieve this. But I guess the good thing is that I am writing in general, regardless of what form it takes in.

I have recently found myself loving inspirational quotes as well. I’ve always liked those sort of things, but now I’m finding they are helping to motivate me to ensure I do all the things in life that I want to do and basically never to stop until you have achieved what you want. While they may be a little cheesy, I don’t think anything bad can ever come of being inspired to live your dreams, can it?

Time is passing so quickly recently. It won’t be long until my next one of these! Until then, take care everyone!


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