Film Review: The 5th Wave

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5th Wave 1

5th Wave 2Plot: When the planet starts to be destroyed by creatures only known as “The Others”, Cassie will do anything to keep her little brother safe. But the tidal waves, lack of power and sickness is only the beginning when it becomes apparent the Others can take human form.

Separated from Sam, Cassie must cross open terrain riddled with danger to get to her brother. Her encounter with the mysterious Evan Walker complicates things: are all of the Others the enemy?

Meanwhile, Ben takes Sam under his wing as they are turned into soldiers, determined to protect at least one person.

Quote: How do you rid the world of humans? First, you rid the humans of their humanity.


Opinion: I adore the 5th Wave books by Rick Yancey and am eager to read the final one. Lately, adaptations have been weak and left me disappointed, but I still wanted to see how this one was done. I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The film appeared to remain true to the book. Admittedly, it was about a hundred books ago that I read it, but there were no unexpected tangents that didn’t have much point to them. The Others were explained well and the two different plot-lines – Cassie, then Ben and Sam – were well balanced to turn up the tension.

The acting was good. Chloe Grace Sullivan was a strong Cassie, demonstrating both her inner strength and conflict over her humanity and what she has to do. She kept Cassie in balance as is done in the book and I thought she was a good Cassie. Not to mention she is really pretty!

Evan Walker had me intrigued. In the book, he is described as nothing short of beautiful, so I was prepared to be disappointed. I’ve got to admit; Alex Roe did a pretty good job of matching that description. The same with Nick Robinson as Ben (Zombie). He had the schoolboy cuteness to him while also showing Ben as a strong and determined soldier determined to do what was right regardless of the consequences.

The main characters all were portrayed well. Zombie’s team, however, lacked screen time and a lot of names were not mentioned. They could have been given more of an introduction, even in just a few scenes.

Although there were several strong shots in the film, there were moments of confusion. For instance, when the Others attack Evan and Cassie in the woods, the shots are so dark that I couldn’t actually work out what was going on. While that does show Cassie’s confusion and fear, it made it very hard as a viewer to work out who was being flung against trees and who should be getting up to walk away.

As recent young adaptations go, I was satisfied by how this film delivered. It kept the characters and the plot true to the book and yet made things apparent enough for those who have not read it. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

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