Film Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman 1

Kingsman 2Plot: When a vacancy opens up in the elite spy force, Kingsman, Eggsy finds himself as a candidate, despite being the furthest thing from a gentleman there is. The training is harsh, his fellow candidates even harsher, but Eggsy has a legacy to live up to: his father was a Kingsman.

Meanwhile, a threat to the entire world emerges as Valentine – a rich genius with far too much technology – decides that a cull is required to save the world from itself. Eggsy must decide, and fast, whether he truly has it in him to do something worth-while with his life.


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Opinion: Kingsman: The Secret Service is a refreshingly good film. I knew it was a spy-based film but other than that, I wasn’t even sure on the rating to know what I was getting myself into. There were plenty of gadgets, plenty of moments of self-belief and its fair share of laugh out loud scenes to stop it from focusing too much on the mad-man trying to take over the world.

The plot was somewhere between James Bond and Stormbreaker, with young adults facing impossible training in order to compete for the job. At the same time, gentleman spies are wandering around, people are literally exploding and there is a mad-man trying to kill most of the population while the rest of the world think he is a hero.

The characters were fantastic. Eggsy was your typical underdog in regards to being thrown in over his head, but steps up to the challenge in a realistic way. Harry is just sarcastic enough that Eggsy takes him seriously, but is genuinely caring. Merlin is an enigma who ultimately wants his chosen candidates to succeed and Roxy is the character to keep the whole thing grounded. Then there is Valentine, who is just insane enough to make a fun villain.

It’s hardly surprising the characters are so good when you consider the cast. Michael Cain, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Samuel L Jackson and Taron Egerton to name the main ones. All of these actors have proven themselves time and time again in various roles and they come together in an explosion of humour, violence and some crazy scenes that are so bizarre (such as a slow-motion massacre in a church) that the film is pure entertainment.

The violence isn’t graphic but is a strong part of the film. As is swearing. If you are sensitive to either of these things, then I imagine the film would annoy you. But I found this film to be one of the best I have seen for a while. The fact it made me laugh out loud is proof of that! If you want something action packed but one you don’t have to take seriously in anyway, I thoroughly recommend Kingsman: The Secret Service.

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