Book Review: Prince: Legacy Of Darkness


Plot: Vampires are real and they stalk the Earth, hiding in the shadows and led by none other than Lucifer himself (not to be confused with Satan). Lucifer tries to keep his covens in order, ensuring humanity survives so they have a food source.

When the witches and humanity team up to eradicate the vampires, it is time to step out of the shadows and fight. The Master Vampires are powerful, strong enough to defend themselves against the witches’ attacks, but war cannot last forever. While the vampires battle against seemingly impossible odds, Satan wants to unleash hell on Earth.



Quote: `What is freedom but a choice of who you shall serve?” he said, as slime and bile regurgitated from him in succession. “Perhaps you confuse freedom with power, Lucifer. On Earth, you have no one to challenge your power, which is your freedom. What shall happen to your freedom when Satan comes to rule?`


Opinion: Prince: Legacy of Darkness had the potential to be a strong book. It involved vampires who had come straight from hell, corrupted humanity, witches in league with Satan and an actual tour of hell itself. Unfortunately, I struggled to remain focused due to there being so much talk! This is a novel that would have benefited from being reduced by about 1/3 and it would have been a lot stronger.

The plot should have been full of tension and anticipation. War has come to the vampires, but considering their strength and that of their opponents, the witches, killing each other isn’t so easy. Despite the vampires combining powers such as speed, teleportation, flight, able to withstand the sun, control the elements and be immune to magic, there could have been some fantastic fights. Instead, they spent most of the time watching from the side-lines and commenting.

There were multiple characters, but the novel mainly focuses on Lucifer – the first vampire – and his favourite fledgling, Prince. At the beginning, the introduction of the other vampires was overwhelming due to their number and the number of names being thrown around, but eventually, you figure out who is who.

Some of the names gave me issue. For example, Balam and Barbas are both witches, although one turns to the side of the vampires. There was more than one passage where I ended up completely confused about which character was being spoken about because similar names were just being launched at me.

This book disappointed me. There was so much in-depth discussion and description. A vampire reporting wouldn’t summarise; the entire scene will be written out as if it was just happening. Some of the dialogue was hard to keep track of who was saying what. It felt as if the book never got itself going other than to comment on the actions of others.

When I started Prince: Legacy of Darkness, I wasn’t sure I would get through it. While it got stronger, it took a long time to engage and even then, the tension was lacking.



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