Book Review: Whispers in the Mist

 Plot: With his marriage on the rocks and a murder to solve, Danny has his work cut out for him. No one knows who the dead boy is, he certainly isn’t local. More strangers arriving in town complicates matters, bringing with them their haunted past. Danny barely knows where to start, let alone to solve the murder.

Trapped in her own mind, Gemma longs to be able to talk again. But until her mother’s death is solved, she cannot. Meanwhile, Merrit feels the sting of being an outsider in a town of loyal locals and Alan is curious about Gemma.


Quote: `You’re getting on my last nerve, you know that? You need to step away, step down, desist – phrase it how you bloody well like. You’ve already caused enough problem.s You’re in a world of bad when all this dies down.`


Opinion: It has been a long time since I read a murder mystery and I have to admit, Whispers in the Mist by Lisa Alber certainly drew me in. I read it in a couple of days, although that was partly because I had a long train journey. But I definitely reached the point of not wanting to go to bed until I knew who had done it.

The plot is set in a town in Ireland, where being local is all that matters. Two deaths and an attack causes fingers to point in all directions. But there is more to these murders than accidental deaths and when a mute stranger and her brother arrive in town, the case becomes even more complicated.

The characters are all likeable. Danny is your typical policeman who is determined to get the job done, even if that means confronting his suspect by breaking into their flat. With his family falling apart, he seeks redemption by solving the murders. Gemma is complicated and likeable and it is because of her I wanted the murderer caught. Merrit had the potential to be a strong character, but I felt she missed the mark a little.

The writing was extremely strong and I enjoyed the way the local dialect was included in the novel. Not to the point where you had no idea what was being said, but enough that you remembered it was set in Ireland. The tension built steadily throughout the whole novel and while I guessed one element, I didn’t work out who was behind it, or the final twist at the end.

Whispers in the Mist was an atmospheric novel. The ever-present fog and the rumours of the Grey Man gave it a haunting and chilling factor. It made the deaths seem worse and helped to conceal hope for the good characters. An effective use of scenery, for sure.

I found this to be an extremely enjoyable book. It kept me engaged, it kept me guessing and it kept me up so I could find out who had done it. A book that can prevent me from sleeping is a worthwhile read!

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