Book Soundtracks

Book Soundtracks

When I’m watching a film, I always find myself thinking about the soundtrack and what it says about the film in question. So that got me thinking… What if books could have soundtracks? What would you pick for your favourites?

I know when I am writing, all I need to do is put certain music on and the words flow like there is no tomorrow.  You Can’t Take Me by Bryan Adams from the Spirit Soundtrack is the song I like to consider to be the theme tune for my main character.

Walking home from work a few weeks ago, I realised the songs I was listening to just reminded me of certain characters or certain books. I thought I would put together my top five. A mixture of my favourites and once that I feel are just so appropriate I have to mention them.

(Credit for the videos goes to the makers!)



1). The Inheritance Cycle: Here I Am (again from the Spirit Soundtrack) just sums up Eragon’s character for me and his relationship with Saphira. The song is a lot about new starts and generally being alive, which I always felt was a good reflection of what they have to survive and how they are faced with choices and new beginnings all the time. The whole album I would match with this series!




2). The Farseer Trilogy: Wretched and Divide by Black Veil Brides. Again, the whole album for the whole trilogy. But in particular, In The End feels particularly true of Fitz, especially the lines about “living again” and being “more than our bodies” with his link with Nighteyes. This song now always reminds me of Fitz.






3).Way Walkers: I’m Not Here by Goo Goo Dolls. This song totally screams Jathen to me. “They can’t break me as long as I know who I am” just sums it all up. The whole song is about belonging and knowing who you truly are and these are the exact issues that Jath has to deal with throughout the first two books.





4). The Whisper King: Monster by Skillet. There is no other song for David Kinder due to the unfortunate fact that he literally turns into a monster throughout the course of the book. And the lines about “hiding in the dark” etc is perfect for his fear of the shadows in the early parts of the book.





5). The Mortal Instruments: Actually, anything by Cassandra Clare matches with We Belong Together by Everly. No matter how messed up and twisted the relationships get in these books, the characters always find their way back to one another, whether romantically or platonically and this song is just the right level of epic for this world! I know this isn’t the original of the song, but it is the version I love!



So there we have it, the few I can think of right now. Do you ever do this and start working out soundtracks for books or even just characters? Often when I’m reading a series and am really invested in it, I then listen to music and connect it to the characters!


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4 thoughts on “Book Soundtracks

  1. Love this idea! I like to connect songs to books, too. And sometimes I imagine that classical music is the “soundtrack” to a book and think about who the characters might be and what they might be doing!


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