Film Review: London Has Fallen

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Plot: When the Prime Minister dies suddenly, the President of the United States makes his way over to England to pay his respects. Leading his security team is none other than Mike Banning, a close friend and the man charged with protecting the President.

Mike’s skills are put to the test when the funeral turns into a blood bath as a mass terrorist attack takes place, targeting the President along with other world leaders. Not knowing who he can trust or where to go, Mike must face extreme odds if he is going to keep his friend alive and safe.

Quote: `The car is bullet proof, not politician proof!`


Opinion: I felt I should see London Has Fallen after seeing Olympus Has Fallen a few years ago. While I couldn’t remember what happened in the first film (it’s been a while), it’s not the sort of film that you need to know what is going on. In all honesty, not a lot! London Has Fallen is certainly one that substitutes the plot for more action and the whole thing turns into one big fight. Typical entertainment really!

The plot is simple: terrorist survived a bomb and comes for revenge on the President, taking out most of London in the process. Using the emergency services to disguise his men means no one knows who they can trust, especially when it becomes obvious there is someone in the government aiding the bad guy. Mike must face these impossible odds and a huge amount of weaponry to keep his President alive.

The characters are defined mainly by the dialogue. This isn’t the sort of film where there is room for character growth, more like seeing who is dispensable and who is still alive at the end. Despite the intense fights throughout, the tension never becomes overwhelming. This is due to the great one-liners inserted throughout the film. Mostly between Mike Banning and the President, these occasional inserts of humour cut through the tension and prevent the whole thing from being a bit too extreme. It helps the momentum flow, providing transitions between the fights and a quick breather for characters and viewers alike.

The acting was strong… I think. It’s hard to judge when so much of the film consists of physical scenes. But as far as I can tell, Gerard Butler makes a good Mike Banning, balancing his hard attitude with the family man who wants to get home. Aaron Eckhart also shows the different sides of President Benjamin Asher effectively and the two seem to have genuine on-screen chemistry that makes their relationship work.

If you’re looking for a film to make you think, this is not it. If you’re after entertainment that consists of explosions, gun fights and chases from beginning to end, then you might consider picking this one up. London Has Fallen is extremely similar to the first film, but it’s hardly surprising giving the genre of film. A fast-pace and explosive film from beginning to end – literally!

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