Television Review: The Flash

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Plot: When a particle accelerator explodes, Barry Allen is hit by lightning. In that moment, his life is transformed when he gains super-speed. With the help of his friends at Star Labs – the same company responsible for the explosion – Barry learns to harness his speed in order to help others and become known as The Flash.

But his mother’s murder is always on Barry’s mind as he is determined to get his falsely accused father out of prison. With his friends and powers by his side, Barry is determined to find the truth, regardless of what that may cost him.


The Flash 3

Quote: `I saw my mother killed by something impossible. My father went to prison for her murder. Then an accident made me the impossible.`


Opinion: The Flash was on my list of shows to watch for a long time – since I first saw Arrow in fact. Luckily, it did not disappoint. One thing I love about both of these shows is the seamless way the characters can go from one to the other as they are set in the same universe. As a fan of both, it adds to the excitement when an unexpected but familiar character suddenly appears.

The structure of the show is quite similar to any of this kind. It gets set up, then there is a villain of the week. In catching them and protecting the city, Barry discovers more about his powers and gradually becomes stronger.

Thankfully, this show refers to previous episodes and doesn’t just forget something happened. The underlying mystery of Nora Allen’s murder runs throughout the entire show and intensifies as the series comes to a close.

The characters are entertaining and fun the whole way through. Barry progresses from a lovable dork to a lovable dorkish superhero and is the type of character you want to wrap up in a hug. Caitlin and Cisco are Barry’s back-up team but become good friends and develop as individual characters than just Barry’s support. Joe and Iris West are Barry’s chosen family, providing the needed father-figure and love interest. Then there is Dr Wells, the scientist behind the particle accelerator, Barry’s transformation and potentially more than people realise.

Due to the continuity between the episodes, the tension and pacing of the show remains strong throughout. There are stronger episodes than others. For example, episode twenty-one was on the side of ridiculous despite being so late in the series, whereas earlier episodes where Barry must determine what kind of hero he is packs far more of a punch.

This series did not disappoint. I’m glad, in a way, it took me so long to get around to watching because it means I only have to wait a month until the second series and I can carry on watching. If you are a fan of Arrow, you will definitely enjoy this. It is more light-hearted than Arrow and I found it easier to connect to the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed The Flash from start to finish.

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