Television Review: The Musketeers, Series 3



Plot: Paris is at war but it is not the Spanish that proves the greatest threat to the musketeers. Traitors and treason are afoot in the Paris Court and with the King’s health failing, they are fighting a losing battle keeping the kingdom and country safe.

When their enemy, Grimaud, starts going after loved ones, the battle becomes personal. The four musketeers will do whatever it takes to bring him down, even if it divides them. One for all and all for one has never been so true as now, as the musketeers must unite if they are to succeed.



Quote: `Wherever we draw breath, make a stand, save a life, that is the garrison. We are the garrison.`


Opinion: Knowing this was the final series of The Musketeers meant I knew there would be a few explosive episodes to ensure the show went out on a bang. That was literally what happened with the final two episodes! The rest of the series, however, lacked some of the excitement of previous ones.

The plot this time focused on the king’s failing health and his treacherous brothers. Their henchman, Grimaud, is the ultimate villain of the series and it becomes personal for the musketeers to end him after their safety is threatened time and time again. Having three villains – even if two were only mild and in the background – weakened the sense of danger, especially when one is killed halfway. Previous series with one villain kept the tension high. This series lacked that.

The characters were as strong as ever. There wasn’t the sense of one trying to prove themselves throughout the course of the series, but just wearied men beginning to tire of battles that are never ending and never just or honourable. There was, however, a sense of growth as they all long for something more than fighting. This change of heart was a perfect theme to run through the final series and made the ending satisfying, even if a little cliché.

Whether it was the multiple villains or just weaker plots, series three of The Musketeers lacked something for me. Although the finale was intense and emotional, other episodes didn’t have that impact. There would be a humorous line or two, but the tension was never as high as previously and a spark was missing. The relationships between the characters were strong, new characters made good additions and the episodes were full of danger. But they lacked tension.

One thing also lacking that disappointed me was the lack of D’Artagnan and Constance. It took them the first two series to develop their relationship and finally get together and there were very few scenes with them in this series. It felt like a story-arc that was abandoned now their love was no longer forbidden, with all the romantic attention being on Athos and Sylvie.

All in all, an enjoyable series even if not as strong as previous ones. A good ending point and the series finished on a high.

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