Browsing Bookshops


Browsing Bookshops

I have a confession to make. My book addiction is getting out of control! I have now signed up to several sites that offer free books, as well as using Netgalley and my local library. I enjoy browsing charity shops for cheap books to fuel my reading habit and it’s like I can’t stop myself. I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for a book unless it was for a present.

That being said, however, my first port of call on any shopping trip is always to a book shop. I used to pop into WHSmith every morning on my way to work to browse books and even when I am out with a friend, routine dictates we have to go for a browse. I’m not sure either of us have ever bought anything mind you but considering we are constantly lending books to one another, it’s always nice to hear what they think of the latest releases. Not to mention present ideas for later…

Despite not necessarily buying books at full price from a shop, I’m never going to stop having a wander through a bookshop. Why, you may ask, if I have no intention of buying?

To start with, being surrounded by books is calming. So many different worlds to escape to, so many characters to inspire or torment you are just sitting there, lined up neatly on a shelf. That, for me, is nothing short of pure inspiration. If all these authors can do it, why can’t I? Every time I walk around a bookshop, my desire to write grows.

But even though that is an awesome reason for browsing, it is not my only one. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in all honesty, how many of us stick to that? Seeing a book in the “flesh” is the best way of being attracted to it and having a look around at the new and shiny copies draws my attention to new authors and new genres I may have otherwise skipped over when selecting from a drop-down menu online.

I currently have a list on my phone of books of new releases that have drawn my attention. When it comes to deciding which books to review each month, I check this list and see what I fancy, knowing they will be relevant because they are out on the shelves. I then order them in at the library and if I thoroughly enjoy them, I will consider a purchase and if I don’t, then no harm done and it hasn’t cost me anything. Sorted!

Without looking in a book shop, I would limit myself no end. A post earlier this month mentioned using lists to choose what to read and that is a great way to explore deeper into a set genre or age group. But does anything beat meandering around a bookshop and getting excited over the books there as a way of working out what to read next?


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