Book Review: As Wings Unfurl



After the war costs him his leg, Apple Bogdanski is getting by through morphine and a part-time job at a bookstore. After being rescued when he tries to stop two muggers, Apple meets Angela – a mysterious woman who is more than she seems.

Events escalate faster than Apple can keep pace with and he suddenly finds himself running around New York with his supposed guardian angel, a Tibetan and a mythical BigFoot. If that wasn’t enough, he is on a mission to stop the other “angels” from destroying the entire world, competing against powers he doesn’t understand simply to survive.

Author: Arthur M. Doweyko

Title: As Wings Unfurl

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing

Date: 2016

Rating:  3.75/5


It took a few chapters before I knew what was happening in As Wings Unfurl. I was confused over Angela and Dane’s first appearances – I thought perhaps they were the same person. Despite action taking place, I realised I had no idea what was going on. I needed a lifeline to keep me going with the book.

Thankfully, that lifeline arrived. About a third of the way through, the pace and action pick up. By then, I got to know the characters more. Apple felt sorry for himself, but the more Angela intrigued him, the more he was drawn to her fight. Understanding Angela’s nature opened up the book to realising what she was and what they were up against. Shilog and Yowl added a refreshing diversity to the characters and were easily the most likeable from the off-set.

In terms of character development, Apple comes along leaps and bounds. He goes from a self-pitying morphine addict to a man prepared to save the world because of the woman he loves. Once Apple stopped feeling sorry for himself, the plot became more gripping and less annoying. Dane was a good villain – the true extent of her powers were concealed for most of the book and there was no telling what she would do.

After the initial confusion, the plot becomes your standard “good vs evil” with some crazy angel type beings thrown into the mix, who are destined on destroying humanity. Once the tension picked up, I was gripped, and discovered I couldn’t put it down. If you’re not sure after the first few chapters, stick with it, it gets better! Guns against angels, Big Foot against the city of New York and a Tibetan stuck in the middle who wants to go home. It grows on you, it really does.

As Wings Unfurl read as a little far-fetched, even by science-fiction standards. Clarification was needed at the beginning and it would be easy to lose a reader there. But having stayed with it, I enjoyed the development of the characters, tension and the plot. If you’re prepared to get through the first few chapters of confusion, I would recommend this book.

Author Bio

After retiring in 2009, Arthur M. Doweyko took up writing fiction. His novel Algorithm garnered a 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award. He has also published a number of short stories, many of which have been selected as Finalists in the Royal Palm Literary Award contest, and two Honorable Mentions in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest.
Arthur was awarded the 2008 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for his contribution to the discovery of Sprycel, a novel anti-cancer drug successfully brought to the marketplace in 2009. He has authored over one hundred publications (papers, abstracts, patents, book chapters) and has been an invited lecturer in a number of drug-discovery and computational venues.
Arthur lives in Florida with the love of his life, Lidia. When he’s not writing, he’s happily wandering the beaches.


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