5 Steps To Organising Blog Posts

Blogging can be a time consuming job. That’s fine if you have all the time you need to read or watch the review material, take and edit pictures and then write the content. But when you have either university or a job (both which I have experienced while blogging), organisation becomes key.

When I first started blogging, I reviewed everything I could get my hands on. It meant I could have up to six months of reviews scheduled. That might sound great in theory (even to me now as I race to get the reviews done in time), but it doesn’t work. It leaves no flexibility for new releases and makes it hard for me personally to react to the review when it goes live because I scarcely remember writing it.

I knew I needed a way of organising my posts so I had a steady flow of reviews but without causing myself these issues. This way may not work for you, but if you’re struggling to get yourself organised with your blog, maybe these steps might lend a hand.


  1. I don’t plan posts until the middle of the month. For example, on the 15th August, I then proceeded to plan September’s posts. It gives me time to get through the review material without rushing, but stops things being planned too far in advance.
  2. I then use a standard notebook to roughly plan my ideas. I write down the dates for my posts and draft what I want to go where. Books and rambling posts tend to stay on target, but films can vary due to lovefilm. I then prioritise any film or request books from the library/make sure they are downloaded.
  3. I use my blog journal to write these in for the month. If there are any I am not sure about, I leave it blank. Then if I have to change things, I have a clear layout of what as published when if I look back on it. This also gives me a visual of how the month is spread and which type of post will take the lead this month.

  4. Then I transfer the posts onto my to-do list. I have a busy two-week period trying to write as many as I can, which basically means starting to read, writing up the ramblings and getting a move on with whatever series I am watching at the time. Again, if posts change, I still have the original ideas on my list and know to target them for the following month.
  5. If all the posts are complete before the 15th of that month, I then use anything additional that I want to review as an extra post. This helps boost the blog and prevents things from getting out of control.

This doesn’t always work; I can’t say no to book tours for starters. But it has helped me manage the blog for the previous 18 months and I hope it continues to do so.


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2 thoughts on “5 Steps To Organising Blog Posts

  1. I like your planning. I do review every book I read but I prepare posts nightly. I rarely get to have them ready ahead of time, except for tour posts. I totally agree that trying to plan reading too far ahead is difficult. As it is I have to bypass so many good books and tours just because I do not have time. Still it is nice we love to read and share. Happy Reading!


    • I used to but at the moment, I don’t have time to keep on top of posts if I do that – life has got too hectic for nightly posts but I do try and get a few done during the week. Knowing what I plan to do when definitely helps me try and keep on top of it. I can barely keep on top of it when it comes to tours! Happy reading to you as well! 🙂 And thanks for the comment and taking the time to read the post, I appreciate it.


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