Weekly Wonders: 19th-25th September

Currently Reading: The Little Shop of Happy Ever After by Jenny Colgan, Tempering the Rose by Dionne Lister

Finished this week: The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey, The Ill-Kept Oath by C.C Aune, Vick’s Vultures by Scott Warren

 Watched this week:   Poldark – series 2 episode 3, Thunderbirds are Go – Part 2 episode 2-13, Water for Elephants

Life is about to get crazy for me! I have just started a masters course in publishing and am about to start a new job as well. Just something part-time while I study, but it does mean my priorities will change.

This blog has always been important to me, so I have no intention of slipping behind. In fact, for the time being, I hope to introduce this extra post – a weekly wrap up of everything that has been going on. I hope to explore what I have been reading and watching this week in order to give you a feel of what is up and coming, even if that means breaking away from my planned posts.

So… Reading. The Little Shop of Happy Ever After is currently my bed-time reading and I am loving it. An introvert who struggles with socialising and would much rather spend her time curled up with books…Hmm, who does that remind me of? I’m currently a third of the way through and while it isn’t a gripping page-turner, I’m finding it ideal to snuggle in with while I settle for sleep and let myself dream that we should all run away and start book-shops in Scotland. Why not?

I haven’t got far enough through Tempering the Rose to have really formed an opinion yet. Addy is annoying me as a main character due to her polarised attitude towards Jacob, but the fantastical elements haven’t truly been explained to know what I am dealing with yet. This one is up for review, so you will soon find out what my overall opinion is when I have finished. I don’t think it will be a bad book, it just needs to get going!

I did go on a bit of a crazy spree watching Thunderbirds Are Go at the beginning of the week. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure for me and as the new series is due to start soon, thought I would recap. Who said I needed to be grown up? There has to be some escapism in life, right? Although this was a re-watch, I still got a little three from it.

Poldark… Poldark, Poldark, Poldark. I can’t work out my feelings yet. The third episode was definitely the strongest yet, especially with the addition of a little humour. But the pace seems to be slow so far this series and if it doesn’t pick up soon, I fear it will be a boring series. I hope not – I really enjoyed the first series. It’s also Aidan Turner – who I have been a fan of since his Being Human days. While that’s an automatic tick, it’s going to have to try harder than that!

Knowing life is getting hectic means I know I am going to have to make time for myself – which I am not always good at. I thought I would start this evening. I’ve just had a candle-lit bath and it was the most perfect thing ever. I don’t know what I don’t do it more often (I do know, it’s because I’m usually reading!). I am sitting in bed putting the finishing touches to this with a cup of camomile tea. I’m hoping this will result in a great night sleep tonight.

How has everyone’s week gone?


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