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After last week’s post about organisation, here I am doing a summer book tag… at the wrong end of summer. But never mind, at least I got around to it before Autumn officially started. I think… I don’t even know when that is!

Anyway, this awesome tag I found over at A Book Lovers Playlist, so I strongly recommend you go and check out their fantastic posts. Then, preferably, come back and laugh at my attempts to match books with summer. So hold onto the sun and grab a book for the Summer Book Tag!

1.  What book cover makes you think of summer?23590488

I might regret using this book for the very first question, but it has to be The Summer Of Secrets by Sarah Jasmon. The pretty colours and the (almost) sunny sky makes it one of the most summery ones I’ve read recently. Besides, I did look through Goodreads, but lately a lot of things have had dark covers, so this is a definite winner.

2. What book has brightened your day?28356624

Anyone who read my review for Carry On by Rainbow Rowell will know how much I loved that book. It didn’t just brighten my day, it made it. It has been a long time since a book made me squeal out loud, yet this one did it!

3. Name a book with yellow in it.1045757

Once by Morris Gleitzman. This book has been on my TBR pile for a long time now, so I actually have no idea what it is about. I’ve just been inspired to read it now though, so maybe there will be a review for it soon. The entire cover is yellow though, so this is my book of choice for this question!

4. What is your favourite summer beach read?16079967

This one is hard because I’m not generally a light summer read type of girl. I would go for Jenny Colgan though. As I’ve only read The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris, it will have to be that one, but I have another of her books just waiting for me and I know it will be the same type of lighthearted read.

5. What action book had you running for the ice-cream man?29584593

Bit of a random question, but… The Z Tailgate by Clive Riddle did it for me. That book really grew on me and by the time it got to the final confrontations between zombies and humans, I was on the edge of my seat.

6.  What book has left you with a bad ending?26043206

The Undays of Aralias Lyons by K.L Horvath. I’m not sure what happened, but suddenly the character was acting like a whiny, petulant child. There was nothing satisfying about the ending to this book. Or the entire book, to be honest.

7. What book gave you the happiest feeling when it ended?24485858

I knew I should have left Carry On for this question. But to avoid duplicating books, I’m going to go for…A Place Called Winter by Patrick Gale. I adored the book as a whole and then to know he finally got what he deserved (no spoilers) after everything the character had been through made me go all warm and fuzzy. I loved it!

8. What book cover reminds you of a sunset?9356279

For some reason, The Legion by Simon Scarrow does. This is another one on my TBR pile and probably has nothing romantic and soft like a sunset in it, but the colouring of the front cover is just a gorgeous yellow/orange, so it works for me!

9. What is the one book series you hope to read this summer?16101128

I’m a little bit late for this one and I don’t think I have even read any series this summer. I am re-reading The 5th Wave while waiting for the final book to come from the library if that counts. I think that is the only series I’m actually reading at the moment, everything else has been stand-alone’s recently.

So there we have it, my summer book tag. Have you read any of the books that I have mentioned? If so, what did you think of them? Give the tag a go and let me know so I can come and have a read, even if you have to wait until next summer now it’s so late!


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