Film Review: Allegiant




With Jeanine gone, Tris’ world is thrown into chaos. Evelyn takes control, but refuses to let people pass beyond the wall. Searching for answers, Tris, Four, Christina, Caleb and Peter break through, determined to find the truth.

But the truth isn’t that simple. Safety seems to beckon and David, the leader of those outside of the wall, appears to have the answers. But Four suspects things aren’t right and his intuition proves to be right. Tris, however, finds a new connection with her mother and wants to save the world. Is their love enough to overcome these differences in time?

Film: Allegiant

Director: Robert Schwentke

Date: 2016

Rating: 2.5/5


I heard mixed reviews about Allegiant and so watched it without high hopes. I’m glad I didn’t have expectations as, honestly, I was bored. Despite action taking place from the off-set, it lacked emotion. I found it hard to connect to the characters, especially Tris, even though this is the third film.

Despite having been trained as a warrior by Dauntless, there was a strong focus on Tris’ femininity in Allegiant. Her outfit was white – an indicator she was one of the “pure”. It consisted of a shorter skirt than anything we have seen Tris in, resulting in many scenes of her sitting cross-legged. While Shailene Woodley has a fantastic pair of legs, it felt as if Tris was being objectified rather than being a leading character.

The focus was on Four (Theo James) when it came to the action. He was the one to realise things weren’t right and his relationship with Tris was put under strain when she refused to believe him. This grated on me, despite knowing it happened in the books. They have spent two films already going back and forth with trust issues. By the third film, it’s not enjoyable watching it all over again.

For an action-packed film, the plot was slow and the tension lacking. So many scenes felt like we had been in this scenario with the characters before, I couldn’t engage with it. Perhaps it was the predictability: we all knew Tris would come through and team up with Four. It’s what has happened the last few films. I think what was really lacking was any character development, hence why the plot felt flat and the tension didn’t exist.

Credit where credit is due, the acting was good and the effects were pretty cool. The world created in “reality” had some sleek effects going for it, contrasting the barren and dangerous land around with the stylish and practical design of the compound. Plus being able to fly in a craft added a new dimension, something not encountered in the previous films.

While Allegiant did have some positives going for it, all in all, I was disappointed. I wanted more, I wanted to connect to the characters and fear for them. Instead, I almost fell asleep. Hopefully the final film will do it justice.

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