Book Review: A Dance of Dragons (Complete Series)

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Rhen has always been an outsider: the third son, the dreamer. All he wants is for his family to respect him.

Jinji has lost everything: her family, her friends and her home to a mysterious Shadow. Revenge is the only thing that keeps her going.

When their paths cross, the pair find hope and friendship in each other. Despite their secrets, they may just save the world with the elemental gifts.

Along with three other dragon riders, Rhen and Jinji must save the world from the Shadow if their love is to survive. Destiny is not easy to confront though.

Author: Kaitlyn Davis

Title: A Dance of Dragons (The Complete Series)

Publisher: Unknown

Date: 2015

Rating:  4.75/5

Oh my word! This book! A Dance of Dragons contains three novels and four novellas and I loved every single word. A story full of hope and loss, love and despair and above all, knowing no matter how bleak the situation is, you are not alone.

The plot was fantastic. Two lost souls are drawn together and find first friendship, then love in each other. Both have secrets: both have powers. Rhen is a fire spirit and Jinji can control all the elemental spirits. Their gifts take them to far off places as they struggle to free the world from the Shadow – not an easy task when it is tethered to someone Jinji loves. The power struggles, the danger, the love… Every element of this plot made me squeal.

If the plot was fantastic, the characters were phenomenal. Rhen is rash and stubborn and cares far too much for his people. Jinji is lost but full of strength. Leena (a water spirit) is the focus of the novellas and she too is a conflicted character that leaves the reader feeling anything is possible if it can be dreamt.

The relationships and interactions between the characters was great. Rhen and Jinji’s developing romance shows how they grow as individuals as well and even the friendships and family bonds cannot be underestimated.
The second novel was the strongest for me, mainly because I loved the transition between friendship to romance. Jinji’s character in the third went to the extreme where she became all powerful. With the other characters calling her out on it, it didn’t become annoying, but I preferred her when she showed her vulnerable side to Rhen and trusted him.

The change in narration was great for character development. Sometimes it felt too much overlapped and you got too much of the same scene again from a different perspective. Seeing the course of events from Leena’s view in the novellas, however, really created her character and made her contribution in the novels far more meaningful.

One of the best series I have read for a while. Dragons, magic, love and lost all mixed together in an explosive series. If you’re a fantasy and/or dragon fan, this is a must read!



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