Up and Coming: October

Up and Coming


October is literally a life-changing month for me. I started my Masters a few weeks ago and I start a new, part-time job in a few days. Talk about getting life back on track!

It does mean, however, that I want to apologise in advance. I have my fingers crossed it is an apology that is not needed, but working twenty hours a week plus starting a course means that my time is going to be rapidly restricted and I fear reviews and posts may slip. I hope not, that I can organise myself effectively, but just in case – consider this a pre-warning.

But this month should go according to plan! So what’s on the agenda:

Books: I’m trying to get a balance of netgalley books, tours and my own free choice as last month was hectic! I’m glad I started A Dance of Dragons early, but as you can tell by my review, I adored it. Definitely one to give a go.

My other two netgalley selections for this month are The Ill Kept Oath by C.C Aune and Exposure by Helen Dunmore. The former sounds like it has the right type of magic and adventure to make for an interesting read while the latter caught my attention. I haven’t read much from the ‘60’s (unless it is fantasy) and I’m looking forward to seeing whether I enjoy this era. I also enjoy a mystery these days and this one looks like it could be great!

My final book (providing the library get it in) is Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. I missed this on netgalley, but have heard such raving reviews, I felt I had to give it a go. I’m really excited about this book, so hope it lives up to my expectations!

Films: This is where I’m going to get caught out as I won’t have as many lovefilms coming. I decided to finally jump on the bandwagon with Breaking Bad (only 8 years too late!), so look forward to seeing what I think of the first series.

Having seen an interview about Chappie when I was at university, I thought it was time to give this film a watch. I’m looking forward to it – it looks like it could be good fun. I’ve watched some intense things lately, so that will make a nice change.

I’m also hoping for Alice Through the Looking Glass and Batman V Superman. Both are new releases on DVD and I have had problems getting hold of new films recently, so we shall see. I re-watched Alice in Wonderland the other day and now I’m looking forward to seeing how the second has been done – whether it is as whacky as the first!

So there we have it, another month planned. Fingers crossed for lovefilm behaving and sending me the right films so I can follow it. Has anyone read or seen any of those mentioned above? Let me know if you have – and what you thought!

Let the chaos begin!


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