TBR Pile – October

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I currently have books strewn everywhere and my kindle has never had so many files on it! I love it! But as that was the case, I thought it was time to take a look at what I am excited about reading over the next few months. Some may be reviewed, some may not. But for various reasons, these are five of the books I am most excited about reading:


The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks

The final book (I think) in the Lightbringer Series, it has felt like a long wait. I finished the first three at the end of last year, not realising a fourth book would be released. I wish I had time to recap on the first ones, but I’m so looking forward to seeing how the series concludes and what happens with all the characters I love!


the-secret-cityThe Secret City by C.J Daughtery and Carina Rozenfeld

The first book – The Secret Fire – was one of the first I received from Netgalley and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When a Goodreads newsletter told me the next book had been released, I went and bought it straight away. Sasha and Taylor found safety at the end of book one, but with the curse coming to claim Sasha’s life, their troubles are far from over. I loved the characters in this novel and look forward to getting back into it.


daughter-of-shadowsThe Whisper King: Daughter of Shadows by Wil Radcliffe

The Whisper King was also an early Netgalley book and, again, I am thoroughly looking forward to the second. David overcame his demon master in order to save those he loves, but when his daughter is kidnapped, he must fight the shadows once again. It surprised me how much I enjoyed the first book, so I am very excited for the second. I want to re-read the first book beforehand though, so this could take a few extra weeks before I get around to it.


the-maze-runnerThe Maze Runner by James Dashner

Despite having seen the films, I haven’t got as far as this series yet. My sister told me the books are better than the films and a lot has changed. I have to admit, that has really piqued my interest and I think this series might have to be moved to the top of a list. I don’t think they are going to take me long to read, so can’t decide whether to just read them or review them. I will see when I get around to them.


evensongEvensong by Krista Walsh

Part of the reason I want to read this book is how pretty the cover is. The other reason is that the premise sounds great: an author wakes up in his own novel and has to defeat his own villains. Enough said really – this book sounds great fun!



While these are five books I am excited for, they are by no means the only ones. I’ve got stacks to read and review! What’s on your TBR pile?


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