Book Review: Vick’s Vultures


Humans are so far behind the other species controlling space, they are left salvaging junk of the warring planets to try and make technological advancements. When Captain Victoria and her team of privateers – known as the Vultures – end up rescuing a prince of a powerful system, their luck may change.

Not necessarily for the better, though. The prince had enemies – one of whom is right on The Condor’s tail as she races to get the prince home. Vick must use all of her skills and scattered allies if she is to keep her team alive to make it home themselves.

Author: Scott Warren

Title: Vick’s Vultures

Publisher: Parvus Press

Date: 2016

Rating:  4/5


I am more of a fantasy girl than science fiction, but I thought I would give Vick’s Vultures a go. It was the first book set in space that that gripped me from the start. The pacing and tension kept me engaged, the characters made me laugh and the whole premise was engaging from the first page. A thoroughly enjoyable book!

After picking up a distress signal, Vick takes her Vultures to salvage parts from one of the Big Three. But instead of technology, they find survivors, one of whom is First Prince Tavram. Her mission to get him home is lined with danger – another of the Big Three wants him dead and Vick’s own enemies are closing in. She will need all her wit about her.

Victoria instantly caught my attention. An excellent captain but with normal human vices – such needing whisky (and lots of it) to sleep. She was flawed, bold and stubborn as anything when it came to getting what she wanted. Best Wishes was an imposing opponent for the majority of the novel, but lost his touch towards the end. I expected Tav to be obnoxious, but his character remained mainly in the background. Tessa was awesome: a marine who sneaks aboard the enemy ship and single-handed causes absolute chaos!

The language really added to the novel. I’ve read too many set in space where it was all nice and polite. Not where Vick is involved – if she doesn’t like something, you will know. Given the circumstances, it injected humour and added a sense of reality to the situation. You would be swearing if you were about to be blown out of the sky and your defences were offline!

The novel had a steady pace and a lot of tension throughout, keeping me completely engaged. The enemy ship remained close enough – with plenty of skirmishes – throughout you could never tell if they would make it through or not. While some of the “space-talk” did lose me a little, it was never enough to disconnect from the novel.

I would definitely recommend Vick’s Vultures! Engaging, humorous and a classic tale of smaller guy versus bigger one. Great fun!

Author Bio

Scott Warren got his start in writing while living in Washington during the summer of 2014 when he entered the world of speculative fiction by writing Sorcerous Crimes Division, followed shortly by Vick’s Vultures.
Scott blends aspects of classic military fantasy and science fiction with a modern, streamlined writing style to twist tired tropes into fresh ideas. He believes in injecting a healthy dose of adventure into the true-to-life grit and grime that marks the past decade of science fiction, while still embracing the ideas that made science fiction appeal to so many readers.
As a UAV Pilot and former submariner, Scott draws on his military and aviation experiences to bring authenticity to his writing while keeping it accessible to all readers. Scott is also an artist, contributing his skills to board games, role playing games, and his own personal aerial photography galleries.
Scott currently lives in Huntsville, Alabama. Visit Scott on the web:

Follow him on Twitter: @ScottWarrenSCD

On Facebook:

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