Weekly Wonders: 17-23rd October


Currently Reading: Gifted Thief by Helen Harper

Finished this week: The Last Star by Rick Yancey, As A God by T.G Shepherd

Watched this week:  Flash – Season 2, episodes 7 & 8a, Homefront, Ex Machina, Poldark ep 7, Once Upon a Time – season 2 episode 2, The 100 – season 1 episode 1
The Secret Fire 2I will apologise in advance if this doesn’t make sense – it has felt like a long day, hell, a long weekend and I am fighting to keep my eyes open. Still, here we go, one weekly wrap up.

After re-reading the others in the 5th Wave series, I have finally brought it to a close by finishing The Last Star. While I enjoyed it, this final book, for me, didn’t have the same edge as the first two. A full review is coming in a few weeks, so I won’t go into it now, but it was still an enjoyable read.

I am really not far enough through Gifted Thief yet to make any comment. I literally started it this morning and have read about two pages. Still, it looks to be an interesting mix of magic and the real world, so I look forward to seeing where that goes.

For the first time in what feels like weeks, I have actually watched two films this week. I would say I’m getting my money’s worth from lovefilm but… There is a review coming for Ex Machina so I won’t go into that one, but Homefront was a little intense and heavy going to be watching on a Sunday night while very tired. Not a bad film though.The 100 1

Look at all these episodes I’ve watched! If reading is on schedule in regards to getting reviews done etc, I am trying to watch a couple of things on the train. I have no evenings anymore, so it is the only way I can get them watched.

I’ve fancied re-watching Once Upon a Time for ages and got through the first series before things got hectic. I’m really enjoying it and Prince Charming had me cracking up with his smirks in the last episode, despite the fact I was sitting on a train!

It’s been interesting going back to The 100. Since watching this, I have read the books and actually didn’t enjoy them. And they are all so young and innocent in this first series – how things change!

I’m still not overly impressed with Poldark and in a way, I am glad that it only has a couple left. If I wasn’t watching it on the train, I’m not sure I would have bothered. That being said, Humans starts back up again next weekend, which I am very excited about.

The rest of my weeks has been uni, work and uni work, so nothing very interesting to report there. Just things ticking along as per usual, hence my lack of creative pictures this week and dragging a few up from the archives.

Time to get some sleep I think! I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!


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