Weekly Wonders: 24-30th October


Currently Reading: Shadow of the Raven: Sons of Kings by Millie Thorn, Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen and The Secret Fire by C.J Daughtery

Finished this week: Gifted Thief by Helen Harper

Watched this week:  Flash – Season 2, episodes 9, Poldark ep 8, Once Upon a Time – season 2 episode 3, The 100 – season 1 episode 2, Captain America: Civil War, Unknown, Thunderbirds Are Go – Series 2 episode 1-3.

weekly-wrap-up-1The last weekly-wrap up for October! I think I have blinked and missed the previous month. Then again, I am also struggling to keep my eyes open. I can feel the last month! Things are only going to heat up as the deadlines approach.

What’s been going on this week? I “accidentally” started Queen of Tearling. It’s on my TBR list and I saw it just sitting there in the library. What was a girl to do other than get it out and start reading?

It wouldn’t be a problem… Apart from the fact I also said yes to a review a week ago that has to be done by the 6th. I’m most of the way through Shadow of the Raven now. It’s been good – not the best in its genre, I’ll admit, but enjoyable enough. A review is coming on that so I’ll say no more now.

I haven’t got much further with The Secret Fire as the other two have taken precedence. That will be a different story by next week.

Humans 2Trains are great for episodes! Both Once upon a Time, The 100 and Poldark have been watched while commuting. I really haven’t enjoyed this series of Poldark as much as the last. It will be interesting writing the review and bringing my thoughts into one place.

The same has to be said for Thunderbirds Are Go. As much as I love those boys in blue, how far-fetched the plot-lines have become means I can’t get the enjoyment out of it that I used to. I imagine I will see the series through though.

Captain America is up for review next month. But this is another where I feel like I’ve had enough. It has got too big; characters are everywhere and the plot is so full on you need a long film just to get through it. I honestly got bored for parts of this film.

Unknown was okay – a pretty average film but a way to spend a Sunday night before Humans came on. Oh my word, Humans! Just excuse me while I squeal! I won’t go into anything here because of spoilers etc, but I am so happy this show is back.

Nothing special planned for this week other than the usual work, uni and uni work. I’m hoping to get a few blog posts ticked off if I can and maybe even some writing – I’m feeling the need for a creative streak very soon.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve hit my to-do list target every day! Bonus! Slipped today, but hopefully I will carry on being productive.

What’s everyone else got planned this week? I hope that, whatever you are doing, you have a great time!


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