Book Review: Nevernight

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Mia Covere lost everything when her family were murdered. Everything apart from the shadows. Accompanied by a shadow not-cat named Mister Kindly, Mia holds onto the idea of revenge. An idea that will lead her to enter a school of assassins and battle to become a Blade, so she can kill the men who tore her life apart.

Death greets the acolytes at every turn as their skills are honed. Mia has friends and enemies in the school, as well as a chance for love. But she knows she must remain focused and pity and kindness have no place here.

Author: Jay Kristoff

Title: Nevernight

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Date: 2016

Rating:  4.75/5

Having read amazing reviews for Nevernight, I had to give it a go. I was expecting it to be good, but oh my word! One of the best novels I have read this year!

Full of tension and emotion, the plot twists and turns the whole way through this novel. Certain events towards the end (no spoilers here!) literally left me gaping at the page. Nevernight is the first in a while where I had no inclination of what was going to happen and it was great to be swept up in the story without knowing you had called it from chapters before.

Mia’s character was superb. A stubborn, feisty girl who just doesn’t know when to give up, Mia is not without her flaws. But she knows when she is wrong and knows the consequences of following her heart. She allows herself to love (despite denying it) and is a character you can relate to regardless of her talents and killer instincts.

All the secondary characters were great as well. Mister Kindly had an awesome dry sense of humour, Tric was lovely, Ash was daring and Jessamine was just mean. The balance of personalities made this a thoroughly enjoyable clash of young people battling to achieve their dreams – with a deadly outcome.

I loved the format of Nevernight. The footnotes throughout gave an entertaining overview of the world that Mia lives in – unnecessary information, but fun to read. They weren’t too numerous to be annoying though. The tone in the footnotes was humorous and slightly disbelieving, which worked effectively to draw the reader in. If the narrator is bemused by it, the content becomes more accessible for the reader.

I believed Nevernight to be a young adult book but was glad I was wrong. Again, this made a refreshing change because the writing was gripping and the actions more mature than in a standard YA book. In turn, this made it far more “realistic” and enjoyable for me.

As you might have guessed, I adored this book! I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. Nevernight is a gripping tale from beginning to end.

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