Up and Coming: November

Up and Coming

Who would have thought a monthly update could signal so many changes in my life each time? When I wrote October’s schedule, I was just starting the next step of my life, and here I am, a month in.

Everything is going well, which is nice. At least, I think it is. I am sitting here in a haze of exhaustion at the moment after a long shift at work yesterday, but that is to be expected.

Although things have been really busy, I’m pleased to have kept on top of posts. Films have been problematic as I have very few evenings, reducing my turn around on lovefilm. As they are being a nightmare at sending what I actually want, it means I’ve had to be very flexible in regards to what I am reviewing. Books, however, are falling into place nicely – it’s amazing what a train journey twice a week can help you get through.

Here’s what I have planned this month:

up-and-coming-1Books: As A God by T.G. Shepherd is first on the list. I liked the synopsis on Goodreads and it just so happens this was the closest publication date to the day of the review – there was no further thought process than that. Hopefully it is a good book.

The Last Star by Rick Yancey has finally arrived after being in a queue for months. I’ve been looking forward to this book – even more so since re-reading the previous two – but just hope it does it credit and answers all the questions. It’s felt like a long time coming.

Gifted Thief by Helen Harper is my second Netgalley book. It sounds adventurous and exciting, blending magic and the real world, so I have my fingers crossed it’s going to take me on a journey!

Last but not least, Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks. I cannot wait for this book! I read the rest of the Lightbringer series exactly a year ago and have been itching to know how it concludes! I hope this doesn’t disappoint!

up-and-coming-2Films: Having been watching Poldark for the last however many weeks, it’s only good an’ proper that it lands itself a review spot. Ex Machina is my unplanned-planned review – I knew I needed to get one done, but thankfully really enjoyed the film.

I’m hoping to see the third Captain America film this month, along with Gods of Egypt when it is released. That being said, however, I’m not sure if Captain America will come given my track record at the moment with getting the films that I want!

There you have it, my November. Have you read or seen any of the things that I’m undertaking this month? If so, let me know – it will be great to share thoughts! I’m hoping to ban myself from Netgalley this month until I can pull my rating up again as I apparently can’t stop requesting books at the moment. Despite steady reviews, posting two but requesting three doesn’t work!

Here’s to a good month! Cheers!


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