Weekly Wonders: 31st October – 6th November


Currently Reading: Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

Finished this week: The Secret Fire by C.J Daughtery, The Secret City by C.J Daughtery, Shadow of the Raven: Sons of Kings by Millie ThomWhy I Write 1

Watched this week:  Flash – Season 2, episodes 10-13, Poldark ep 9, Once Upon a Time – season 2 episode 4, The 100 – season 1 episode 5

Between work, studying and going to uni, it’s fair to say that my time to myself is severely limited. Then I look at the list of what I have got read this week and wonder how that is possible! Commuting is, at least, good for something. I admit I am really trying to push my ARC’s at the moment, so am hoping this reading spree will let me get a few reviews done.

After re-reading The Secret Fire, I was so excited for The Secret City. A review is coming in the next few weeks, but I can say it didn’t disappoint. While it was a relatively easy read, I was gripped throughout, hence why it only took me a few days.

I am enjoying Queen of the Tearling, but am glad it’s not one I am reviewing. I’m over 100 pages in and yet I’m not gripped and I can’t put my finger on why. I’m hoping if I get a little more read, it will pull me in. I like the world and the characters and already feel I will complete the series though, so it is by no means bad!

the-secret-cityWork, studying and tiredness means I haven’t really got a lot watched this week. I tried to watch G.I Joe on Friday night, but I had no idea what was going on. That was my fault for not paying attention, but I turned it off. With restricted free time, I wasn’t going to waste it on that!

I have my first exam on Thursday. I’m terrified. Hence why I was still revising at 8 tonight despite having been in work for most of the day and then coming straight home to study. I’m slowly working through the content though, so fingers crossed I’ll be okay.

Other than that, I’m not sure what else is happening. Despite everything being chaotic, I’m feeling quite proud of keeping on top of blog posts. Lovefilm is going extremely slow at the moment due to my lack of evenings, so I might replace a few film reviews with an extra book one.

I read a post last week about ARC’s and it made me feel guilty that I’m not more on top of mine. Then I scrolled through my reviews and realised they were all ARC’s from one place or another, which made me feel better. But now I need to focus on Netgalley and get some reading done. Secretly looking forward to my train journeys now!

Sorry this is such a rambling post – I literally haven’t done anything other than study this week so there is nothing to tell you about! How is everyone else?


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