Weekly Wonders: 7-13th November


Currently Reading: Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen, Mind Control Empire by Andrew Garvey

Finished this week: None

Watched this week:  Flash – Season 2, episodes 14, Poldark ep 9, Humans – season 2 episode 2, Thunderbirds are Go – season 2 episode 4



I had my first deadline at university this week – hence the lack of watching or reading! It was an exam on Copyright Law and it was horrible. I knew I had done enough revision and I had the knowledge, but the way the questions were worded… *shudders* I’m glad that is over.

I had a lazy day on Friday. Well, I didn’t do any uni work. Instead, I spent the day running errands and attempting to catch up on a few bits. I’m not sure how well it worked, but at least I was productive.

I hoped to get lots of work done today around work, but my brother brought my niece around so I got rather distracted. I did have an early start this morning though so despite not getting as much work done as I hoped, I have had another productive day.

I have to admit, with all the work for my masters, I am beginning to struggle to keep up with everything on here. I thought this evening I might take a break over January, just as a chance to catch my breath, get on top of a few things and find the fun in it again. Life has gone a bit crazy now, and I don’t want to lose my love for blogging by making it a chore.

But onto the happy things!

31228246I’m about three quarters of the way through both Queen of Tearling and Mind Control Empire – the latter which I am hoping to finish during my commute tomorrow. Queen of Tearling hasn’t been as good as I hoped – I’m enjoying it but it hasn’t gripped me. I am still intrigued to see where it goes though, so definitely no giving up.

I love the premise behind Mind Control Empire, but there is too much information overload scattered throughout the book and it has made it tedious to read at times. It definitely falls into an “average” category for me, so unless it picks up in this final part, it’s going to be an awkward review to write.

I started watching Batman V Superman on Friday night, but turned it off. I was getting bored and so tired that I didn’t want to stay up for it. Instead, I watched an episode of The Flash and enjoyed it far more. I am definitely not getting my value for money from Lovefilm at the moment – I haven’t sat and watched something properly for ages now.

There really isn’t anything exciting to report for this week – it has been spent studying and not doing a lot else. My next deadline is in a couple of weeks, so I know this week isn’t going to be any better.

But I hope everyone else has had an exciting and action-packed week, with another good one coming up!


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