Book Review: The Last Star

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the-last-star-1Humanity has dwindled to a handful of survivors and there is nowhere left to hide. You can’t trust anyone.

For Cassie, that means she doubts Evan. Does he love her, or the idea of her? Is he human or Other?

For Ben, it means calling the shots and not letting anyone else take the responsibility of his squad, including two young children.

For Ringer, it means establishing whose side she is fighting for and whether her enhanced capabilities are going to be used for or against Vosch.

Between them, they are all that remains of humanity. It must be protected.

Author: Rick Yancey

Title: The Last Star

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Date: 2016

Rating:  4/5


the-last-star-2I was thoroughly looking forward to reading The Last Star! While I enjoyed it, I wasn’t as gripped compared to the previous two. It’s hard to say why  – the tension was higher and the characters really grew. Pinning it down, I would say the rapidly changing point-of-views were too frequent and detached the reader from the story.

As humanity’s final chance, the squad (plus Cassie and Evan) take shelter while they figure out their next move. Ben finds Ringer, only to find her shrouded in secrecy with no answers about where she has been. Cassie is determined to save Evan, no matter the cost, and little Sam is soothed by a gun more than his bear.

Needless to say, there is a lot of character development in this book! What is refreshing is that Yancey avoids any of the teenage angst where the characters want to give up because life is too hard (aka Divergent!).

the-last-star-3The cost (no spoilers here!) was definitely not something I would have predicted from the start. But The Last Star reads in a fluid way – the changing view points throughout means the narration doesn’t jar even when the character loses awareness one way or another. I was shocked – and yet I wasn’t – with how events turned out.

That is why I wasn’t as gripped with this novel, I wasn’t as emotionally invested in the characters or the plot.

I got lost at times in regards to the origins of the Others – I think that should have been made more explicit in the final book.

Despite thoroughly enjoying this book, there was an element that grew to annoy me. Yancey has a way of writing paragraphs that are just observations about humanity with repeated language. While these were effective in the first book, especially when the characters were isolated, they had lost their impact by the final one.

While not my favourite in the series, The Last Star was a fitting end and did the series justice. I wasn’t left with unanswered questions but just a content feeling that everything had come to satisfactory close.

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