Film Review: Captain America: Civil War

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civil-war-1After several incidents result in innocent people being hurt, the Avengers are asked to sign a treaty, stating they will only act if they have permission to.

Steve, cannot do it – he won’t ignore those in need while waiting for authority.

When Bucky (AKA The Winter Soldier) is accused of murder, Steve forsakes everything to help his friend.

Trust and loyalty are betrayed and friendships broken as Steve fights to clear Bucky’s name and Tony Stark fights to keep order.

Friends – new and old alike – must chose a side when these two Avengers go head to head with dramatic consequences.

Film: Captain America: Civil War

Director: Anthony and Joe Russo

Date: 2016

Rating: 3/5


Ever get the feeling something has just become too big and because of that, has lost some of its enjoyment?

I felt like that with this film!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it. It didn’t feel like the third Captain America though, more like another Avengers film with a few extra characters thrown into the mix! Apart from Banner and Thor, everyone else was involved – plus a few extra.

It wasn’t just the number of characters. The film could have been cut in length – odd scenes taken out or trimmed down – and it wouldn’t lose any of the storyline. In fact, the tension might have increased if it didn’t take so long to get to the action. I honestly got bored for about an hour of this film!

So saying, when the action got going, it was intense. All of the Avengers facing off against one another shows how big these films have got – they have the budget and special effects to do anything they want these days.

The major fight (Captain America v Iron Man) was more violent than we have previously seen in the Marvel films. The fight was personal – so the tension increased, the mood and lighting were done to match and the whole scene kept you on tenderhooks as to who was going to emerge triumphant.

Character development also appeared to be missing, especially for such a long film. Admittedly, we got to see more of Bucky and understand his character compared to his first appearance in The Winter Soldier.

But Steve stuck to his guns (or, you know, shield!) and refused to give up his ideals. While this makes him the hero we know and love, it also showed he couldn’t compromise or listen as a follower, only as a leader. And that side of Steve is the side we have seen from the beginning!

It’s fair to say this film disappointed me. I have been a fan of the Marvel films since they started, but now I feel their popularity is working against them. The budgets mean they can make it as long and explosive as they like. Rather than cutting out implausible ideas, they are all left in. Bigger doesn’t mean better!

I enjoyed the concept, but really wish it had been shorter!

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