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Gifted Thief 1Integrity had no intention of ever returning to the Sidhe world. Why should she? She has a life here.

But despite being an expert thief trained to calculate every possibility, Integrity ends up being blackmailed to help the very clans she ran away from. She didn’t see that one coming. Magic is failing and the balance can only be restored with her and her bloodline.

Not everyone in the Sidhe world is happy about her arrival. With the help of her friends and a genie called Bob, Integrity must battle both magical monsters and her attraction to the Steward’s son.

Author: Helen Harper

Title: Gifted Thief

Publisher: HarperFire

Date: 2016

Rating:  4.25/5

Gifted Thief 2

Book Review: Gifted Thief by Helen Harper

From the opening pages of Gifted Thief, I knew I was in for a great read! I laughed out loud several times (on the train!) and was completely absorbed in the world. The characters were strong, the plot engaging and the pace spot-on for the style!

A magical-world-meets-real-world setting, Gifted Thief combines hilarity with loyalty to create show even a thief can save the world.


Integrity Taylor ran away from the Sidhe world as a child and learnt to become a thief. Just as she plans a new – and honest – life, her past catches up with her.

Magic is faltering and Integrity is the Sidhe’s last hope to restore magic. Attracted to the sexy Bryon and his cute friend, Jamie, would cause issues if Integrity didn’t have bigger problems to deal with – like being almost killed by a sea-snake halfway up a mountain.

The plot effectively blends the real and magical worlds. Some things – like a genie called Bob – are so absurd it creates an entertaining read.

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Within the first few sentences, I loved Integrity! Smart, witty and loyal to those she cares about, Integrity is a thief with a heart of gold. Written in a first-person narration meant liking her was integral to enjoying the book, but it worked.

Integrity’s jokes throughout kept the tone light and the reader fondly rolling their eyes. But she was also strong and determined – everything you want in a heroine.

The secondary characters were just as likeable. Byron was moody and mysterious, as he should be. The band of thieves are true and loyal friends to Integrity and Bob is the most absurd genie I’ve ever read about (living in a letter opener, of all things!) that I instantly loved him.

Gifted Thief 3


Helen Harper is a skilled novelist, that much is apparent in Gifted Thief. The pacing is steady throughout, with tension rising in just the right places to keep you gripped. The tone is light and peppered with intense moments that add depth to the characters.

The humorous narration of the novel made this a truly enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more.

If you like a sprinkling of magic with your humour, then Gifted Thief is the one for you!

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