Reader’s Manifesto


How do I see myself as a reader?

A determined one…

One adamant that she will never give up on a book, regardless of the potential struggle turning each page.

One who is convinced that a to-be read pile should be ever growing, full of different genres and conflicting styles of narration.

One who likes nothing better than diving into a fantasy world and not knowing where she is going to land.

Thinking about myself as a reader was actually more of a struggle than I was expecting.

What is my identity as a reader?

If I am honest, I don’t know.

I know that reading and books are my life (I am doing a publishing masters and writing a novel!). I know that I am never happier than when I have a large fantasy book waiting for me to read. Do these things form my reading identity?

Or is my identity how and why I read? I read to escape, as most people, but also to experience that sense of belonging, magic and adventure you never get to witness in real life. There is magic in imagination, regardless of what genre you read, and it gives me a thrill.

I’ll read anywhere I can – and these days that mainly seems to be on the train to uni. But my favourite places are either in the bath, or sitting in bed first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening. Why not start and/or end the day well if nothing else?


Personal challenges is an easier topic to address in regards to reading.

Writing reviews has helped me focus my reading. I aim to have a review up each week and have managed to stick to it. But this means that I must be constantly reading in order to create this content. In a way, this is part of my reading challenge – finding enough new books that I am always inspired to write how I feel.

The Goodreads challenge is also a great way of monitoring my personal challenge – aka read as much as possible. I set myself a higher target than last year and am currently on track to smashing it. Increasing the number of books I read is always a personal challenge and luckily is one I seem to be doing alright at.

I have, however, always challenged myself to branch out with genres. To some extent, I think I have managed that this year – ARC’s have definitely broadened my range. But I still seek my safety blanket of a good fantasy book. Perhaps that will be a challenge for next year.

I am secretly-not-so-secretly jealous of the book bloggers who can pull out two or three reviews in a week mainly because I would love to be able to read that many books and have the time to get reviews up!

So now you know a little more about me as a reader. Your turn now – let me know what your reading manifesto would be!


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