Book Tag: Do You Actually Have Good Taste In Books?

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As soon as I saw this tag over on My Little Book Blog, I knew I had to give it a go. The title alone made me grin – and once I had read through some of the questions, it sounded like great fun.

I hope you enjoy my answers – and that I don’t make myself cringe with my tastes too much! But before we start, I strongly recommend you read My Little Book Blog’s tag – go, go go, it’s here.

Then, you know, come back and read mine. Please?

1.  Hardback or paperback?

While I love how sleek and pretty a hardback looks, when it comes to reading, I have to go for paperback. Mainly because most of my hardback books are absolutely huge, so it’s a weight thing. Can’t read in the bath with a great big hardback, not without giving your arms a workout. Paperbacks fit in my bag easier as well.

2. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?


This is hard! The more I think about it, the more I realise I have a different answer depending on books or films. But as this is a book tag… Harry Potter. I adore LotR, don’t get me wrong. But the Harry Potter books are just more accessible for me, plus they have the nostalgia of being my childhood which Lord of the Rings doesn’t have for me.

If we’re talking films, however, I’m the complete opposite!

3. The smell of an old book or the smell of a new?

Old! Old all the way! In fact, my friend bought me a really old copy of Arthurian legends for my birthday, just because she knows that I have a thing about old books. It’s not just the smell, it’s everything about an old book.

Although a new book does make me very excited when it is all sleek and shiny!

4. Stephen King or RL Stine?


I have never read anything by Stine and only one thing by King, so I guess King. And that wasn’t even fiction, it was his writing guide. But I quoted that so much in my dissertation, so definitely extra points for him!

5. Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

Fantasy!! Anyone who has even vaguely looked at a few of my posts on here know that I am a massive fantasy fan and nothing makes me happier than a good fantasy book. It is also the genre that I write, so guess I am a fantasy girl through and through.

That being said, the last couple of months have introduced me to a few science-fiction books that I have thoroughly enjoyed, so bit of both is my ideal!

6. Reading indoors or outdoors?

Indoors. Curled up in a comfy seat, preferable with either the sun coming through the window or a blanket to keep you nice and warm. I do like reading outside, but there is something cosy and comforting about being indoors – plus it means you can get your favourite spot all year around without worrying about the weather!

7. Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey?


Neither. Ever. I never want to see either of them. If I am forced into an answer, I have read Twilight (oh the woes of teenage me!) but have never touched 50 shades, if that counts for anything. But this is a big fat neither!

8. Shop online or from a local bookstore?

I wish I had a local bookstore! And that I didn’t get impatient and end up on Amazon so much. So yeah, got to hold my hands up and admit to online there. I would love to support local retailers if I could afford to but… Although to be honest, a lot of my books these days are e-books or ARC’s, so that limits the number I physically buy. (Plus I love going to charity shops – do they count as a bookstore?!)

9. The Great Gatsby or Catcher in the Rye?


Again, I’ve only read one of these. I studied The Great Gatsby at school and now really feel like I should read it again just to get a better appreciation of it when I wasn’t been forced to examine every detail.

I will get around to reading the Catcher in the Rye one day, honest.

10. Bookmarks or dog-earing?

Bookmarks! I watched a guy dog-ear on the train the other day and I actually flinched. Cos, you know, I’m sad like that. But it has to be a bookmark all the way with me!

11. Dr Seuss or Roald Dahl?


Oh that is easy – Roald Dahl. That man was my childhood, basically, and I can’t wait until my niece is old enough to introduce her to his books!

12. E-book or Audiobook?

E-book. Although to be fair, I haven’t tried out audio-books properly yet, so maybe that is an unfair answer. But e-books are the only reason why I can own as many books as I do – think my parents would have put a stop to me taking over the whole house otherwise!

So there we go, you know a little more about my habits now. Do you agree with any of my answers or are we opposites? Let me know in the comments below, or if you take the quiz yourself!


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