Book Review: What Remains of Me

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what-remains-of-me-1After serving time in prison for killing a famous movie-director, Kelly Lund wants to get on with her life; new house, new husband and new future.

But the past has a habit of catching up with people. When her father-in-law is found dead, Kelly is the prime suspect. And she can’t deny she was at the house that evening either.

Not everyone believes Kelly is guilty though, and the truth has a mysterious way of coming out. But what do her mysterious benefactors believe Kelly is innocent of – this murder or both?

Kelly is not the only one keeping secrets.

Author: A. L Gaylin

Title: What Remains of Me

Publisher: Random House UK, Cornerstone

Date: 2016

Rating:  4.25/5



what-remains-of-me-3It’s been a long time since I read a book in a day. What Remains of Me grabbed me hook, line and sinker and wouldn’t let go until I knew what happened.

What Remains of Me takes a different approach to thrillers I have read this year. One murder has already happened and Kelly has served time for it. But now another has occurred, and the evidence points to Kelly being guilty.

Then the story twists and turns, with family, love, loyalty and innocent being called into question throughout.

Kelly’s character is engaging – both looking back at her teenage years and how she is now. Kelly never acts as if she was falsely accused or innocent of either crime. This lack of remorse is justified as her back story is revealed and the reader’s perception of all the characters’ change.

Barry – the typical young cop trying to prove himself – is competent enough that his character feels realistic. Bellamy was the definition of a complicated character – both past and present – and Shane (Kelly’s husband) was the typical secondary character needed to connect events but not doing anything more than that.

The story is split between the “present” day and the investigation taking place and looking back at Kelly’s childhood, revealing events that led to her being convicted the first time. Despite being young, all the characters are given depth. Kelly has a troubled past but a good heart and I empathised with her the whole way through.

The pacing was fast throughout, especially beginning with Kelly as a convicted murderer rather than the whole innocent/guilt question that features in most thrillers these days. I remained gripped throughout – hence staying up until gone midnight just to find out the conclusion.

What Remains of Me is an engaging novel that questions what love and loyalty can do – and how far they can be stretched until they break. The characters are clearly defined and the mystery clings to the plot throughout – I never would have predicted the twists this story took. If you’re after something to keep you on edge despite not taking long to read, What Remains of Me is the one for you!

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