Television Review: The Flash, Season 2


The Flash 2After travelling back in time, Barry stops the man in yellow once and for all. But doing so opens up a rift between worlds, where greater and deadlier threats emerge.

Barry and the team must face their biggest challenge of all. “Zoom” is a speedster from another Earth, one intent on not only defeating The Flash, but also conquering this Earth.

With the help of his friends, Barry must become faster and better if he is to defeat Zoom. But increased power always has a price and Barry must face his worst demons – including himself – if he is to prevail.

Programme: The Flash, Season 2

Company: DC Entertainment

Date: 2015/16

Rating:  4.25/5



Having enjoyed season 1, I was excited for The Flash season 2. I felt the season was stronger overall and not just because there weren’t multiple episodes featuring a giant talking gorilla (only one, to be precise). The characters – all of them – developed as they faced darker challenges than any they had faced before.

After saving his mother, Barry opens up a rift between worlds and discovers a speedster called Zoom terrorising another Earth. Discovering they each have a doppelganger on this second Earth reawakens old feelings – Harrison Wells is alive and well, and has absolutely nothing to do with Barry’s past.

The true fight comes in the form of the metahumans that Zoom sends through the breach to kill Barry. Then Zoom himself.

Barry develops as a character as he becomes more grounded in what it is he needs to do. It is the other characters, however, that are really given the chance to grow. Cisco embraces powers of his own and Kaitlyn discovers what she is capable of in the face of devastating loss time and time again. Joe is given the chance to be a true father and Iris becomes a true part of the team despite her own loss.

The progression of the characters was required in order for the season to get darker. The threats are more real this time around, partly because the characters must all face their own demons if they are going to be the heroes they believe they are.

There were a few episodes that involved the Arrow team. Considering I love Arrow, this made me excited. I did find, however, that it contained spoilers. Not having yet seen the final series of Arrow (released around the same time as Flash), meant there were a few things given away.

The pace felt faster this time, although that could be because we didn’t need as much backstory worked into the episodes as series 1. With a clear villain from the start – Zoom – the audience were given the chance to hate him, whereas the uncertainty about the man in yellow in season 1 denied us that opportunity.

Stronger characters, darker plots and tension running high as relationships developed. The Flash season 2 was a rollercoaster – and a good one at that!

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