Book Review: Stalked

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stalked-1Kita Kim works within the law. Just. A supposed PR agency, Alias really helps those in danger “disappear”.

Alex Saunders is a federal marshal, a stickler for the rules. After voicing his opinions on his last case, he ends up guarding a judge delivering death threats.

But the judge wants the protection Alias can offer and Kita gets involved.

As the threats become more extreme and personal, tension flies between Kita and Alex. They differ in every single way. But opposites attract and sparks fly when they realise they cannot deny their mutual attraction.

Will their feelings ruin the case?

Author: Lisa Hughey

Title: Stalked

Publisher: Red Adept

Date: 2016

Rating:  3/5



stalked-3Stalked was a shot in the dark for me. I’m not normally a romance fan, but have been enjoying thrillers this year so figured I would step out of my comfort zone.

This book made me laugh. Unfortunately, for the wrong reasons.

First of all: where is the line between romance and erotica? Three pages of explicit sex doesn’t bother me, but I wasn’t expecting it in this genre. Especially not when I planned to read the book on the train.

Second of all: we are introduced to the characters by them both having internal monologues questioning why they are thinking about sex. It went on for so long “think-about-sex-why-am-I-thinking-about-sex?-think-about-sex” that I found it hilarious. I’m guessing it wasn’t supposed to be?

That being said, the book isn’t actually a bad one! Both Kita and Alex’s characters are well-defined and have complex pasts that make them three-dimensional characters. Kita being the only one to be hurt – more than once – felt like a mere plot-device to let Alex feel protective rather than being used to further the plot.

While their relationship was a bit far-fetched and extreme, the style of writing made it work. The plot itself was fast-paced and tense, with twists along the way in regards to Kita’s past – and connection with the judge – and where the threats were coming from.

I remained engaged the whole way through, even when it was giving me the giggles. The fact they had steamy sex was great – the tension between them meant anything less wouldn’t have been real. It was the amount of description – the novel isn’t that long anyway and so much time was dedicated to sex. Less romance, more thriller, please.

If you’re after a fun read that has a bit of drama, lots of sex, with a few interesting back stories thrown in to form a plot, then Stalked will do the trick for you. But if you’re more interested in the thriller/mystery side of the story, then Stalked will be lacking and leave you disappointed.

This would have been a good read if I knew what I was letting myself in for. So be warned!



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