Television Review: Humans, Series 2


Humans 2Leo, Mia and Max are in hiding while Niska runs away. The Hawkins family relocate, trying to move on from previous events but it is not that easy.

When Synths start becoming conscious, Leo and Max try to help them and keep them safe Mia risks her secret to fall in love and Niska discovers romance in Berlin.

Leo gives into his anger to help a vengeful Synth with devastating consequences. Karen must accept who she is.

Meanwhile, the Hawkins try and have a normal life. But they can’t ignore the past and the impact it had on their lives.

Programme: Humans, Series 2

Company: Kudos Film And Television

Date: 2016

Rating:  4/5



What did I think of Humans, series 2? That’s a good question. I enjoyed it, but not as much as series 1. I didn’t feel it was as seamless as the first series, with different story arcs going in different directions and never coming together. For a short series, it made it a little disjointed.

That being said, I still enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone wanting something original to watch.

There were several different plots going on at once, but they all centred around one thing: love. Mia and Niska risk their hearts and secrets, while Karen must accept that Pete loves her the way she is. Love keeps the Hawkins family together and misguided love leads Leo down a dark path, ultimately separating him from Max.

And if there could be a more human emotion to focus an entire series on, I don’t know what it might be.

As with the first series, the acting amazes me in this. Those acting as humans have strong and developed characters, complex and flawed, and they bring that to screen. Colin Morgan brings a tormented Leo to life while Theo Stevenson was giving more screen-time to bring Toby’s confusion at growing up to the forefront – a character it was great to see more of.

But it is those acting as Synths that really impress me. Gemma Chan once again delivers a flawless performance switching between robotic-synth and human-synth. Emily Berrington brings out Niska’s flawed human side with such intensity you have to empathise with her. Sonya Cassidy plays Hester, a new and angry Synth, and has such a driving force behind her performance that Hester’s anger is scary!

With the plots being more fragmented than before, it is the acting that saved the show. You empathise with so many of the characters for different reasons, you just want to see them get their happy ending.

The old characters were welcome returns, but a lot of the new ones, I couldn’t connect with. I never felt anything for Athena. This is why I didn’t enjoy this series as much because with some of the plot-lines, I simply didn’t care about the outcome.

Still, an enjoyable second series with a solid recommendation from here!

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