Television Review: Breaking Bad, Series 2


breaking-bad-series-1-1With the cancer treatments growing more expensive and his family becoming suspicious, Walt will do whatever it takes to earn enough money to ensure their comfort.

But there are hitches along with the way. Dealers arrested, or murdered. Distribution problems when they lose their contact due to him holding them at gunpoint.

Who said life was easy?

Meanwhile, Jesse is dealing with his own problems. He has lost his car, thrown out of his own house and no one will employ him. He too needs the money.

With events escalating, Walt must consider the importance of family. All of them.

Programme: Breaking Bad, Series 2

Company: High Bridge Productions 

Date: 2009

Rating:  4/5


Series 1 Review


I admit it: I enjoyed series 1 of Breaking Bad and was keen to get onto series 2. How can you dislike the main character so much and yet get gripped on the series? I have no idea – but I know it is happening to me!

The tension is higher from the off-set, giving the series a much faster pace than the previous one. Walt and Jesse get held hostage by their own crazy distributor and Walt must find a way of winning over his suspecting family.

With the treatments getting more severe, Walt’s family getting more suspicious and Jesse ending up in more trouble, the stakes are much higher and so the entertainment value increases!

Are you even supposed to like Walt as a character? Initially, he is the good guy trying to help his family. But the lengths he goes to in this series, and the way he treats those around him… If you’re supposed to like him, then I am failing.

But as with before, Jesse is a firm favourite. A very messed up kid with a good heart, it’s impossible not to empathise with him in a way I can’t do for Walt. All he needs is someone to help him out. I also think Aaron Paul is a great actor with the way he portrays Jesse.

Their relationship definitely grows throughout this series, especially towards the end with Walt realising that Jesse is more than just his drugs partner, but someone he cares about rather than just needs.

I was so glad that events progressed with Walt’s family as well. If they had literally gone through another series with Skylar never properly challenging what was going on, it would have made her a weak and pathetic character. Instead, her actions moved the plot forward and I think this could be a good catalyst for the next series.

What can I say? I’ve been bitten by the Breaking Bad bug! I know I am probably preaching to the converted here, but this series is really pulling me in now. I enjoyed the second series a lot more than the first – I got into it a lot quicker and often wanted the next episode.

If something has drawn me in that successfully, it must be doing something right!



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