Television Review: The 100, Series 3


Amazon Synopsis: The sacrifices and heartbreaking choices of The 100 have changed everyone forever, but as they set out to stake their place in this dangerous and beautiful new world, they continue to face physical peril and moral dilemmas as they reforge society.

The challenges mount even further in season three as they not only determine what kind of lives they will build, but what it will ultimately cost them.

Programme: The 100, Season 3

Company: Bonanza Productions 

Date: 2016

Rating:  3.75/5



I watched season one and two back to back before finally watching The 100, Season 3. I definitely picked up more references to past events and saw how much the characters changed and grew through those early seasons.

 Remembering that growth was crucial, as it lacked in season 3. Bellamy certainly progressed the most but to create a decent plot, he was put back on the “bad boy” path to create internal dilemma. Clarke, too, had the potential to develop as a person in the first half of the series, but by the end of the second, she was not only rash but seemed to have lost her morals on the way. Us viewers need a good guy to root for!

The relationships between the characters are fractured and broken, some to the point of no return. After previous events, this made sense, but it would have been nice to see a little closure by the end. None of the relationships truly healed, undermining what they had been through to survive.

Having the entire series based around an AI taking over people’s minds was an interesting premise, and certainly different to previous seasons. But until the final few episodes, there didn’t feel like there was a threat in the same way as before. Yes, ALIE was dangerous as heck and was wiping them out one by one. But something was lacking and it was the real sense of danger that was present in earlier seasons.

I was also left with the feeling that half the cast were ready to move on to new projects. The first few deaths were shocking, but then so many people were killed in the second half that it stopped having as much of an emotional impact. It more felt like “there goes another one”.

There were times during this season where it felt it had run its course and that was why episodes were so dramatic and tense. The ending didn’t feel as if it solved any of the problems and I couldn’t tell you the character progression throughout the series.

I still thoroughly enjoyed the season, however, and was glad to get back to the series in time for the fourth. I’m not sure they can claim to be based on the books any longer considering where the plot is going, but I’m definitely interested to see what happens next.

Surely there is only so much these characters can take?

I only hope they quit while they are ahead.


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