Book Review: Prophecy of Peace

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Amazon Synposis: A gripping mystery that spans a century. Two young men, best friends, find themselves on a mission one night in October 2015 heading across a field in the corner of Essex, England. What they don’t know is why are they here? And why this very night?

As they reminisce, recalling the past, events seem to be telling them something. Billy Sheppardy soon realises that they need to discover what really did happen a century ago, and what is the significance of the wallet that his Granddad found as a small boy back in 1944?

Author: Tom Goymour

Title: Prophecy of Peace

Publisher: Verbum Publications

Date: 2015



I’m always up for a bit of a mystery and as Prophecy of Peace is a short book – 93 pages only – it seemed an ideal way to spend an afternoon.

From the war to present day, this is a mystery that spans across the centuries. Different characters represent the various times, all adding their own story to the tale. But it must all lead to one night: one place, one time and history will be revealed – but only to those who believe in peace!

The length of the book and the number of different characters meant I couldn’t get a grasp on the numerous personalities in this story. Billy is determined, almost to the point of obsession, at unravelling the mystery despite not knowing why he wants to know. Alison has been waiting for a long time to find the secrets that her ancestors hid, even if it takes her out of her comfort zone and into unexpected danger.


The characters from the past are full of anguish at how the world is turning out, with one suffering from PTSD and another trying to find a new life. It would have been good to learn more of their story.

As for Michael, Jules and Terri, they are dragged along for the ride!

The trouble with so many characters, various time-lines and each section jumping back or forward in time, I got a bit lost. The mystery stems around locating a hidden house, one that can only be found at a certain moment in time by the right people. But for Billy and Alison, the adventure doesn’t stop there and I wasn’t sure what it was they were trying to find.

The pacing was fast, to the point of jumping through the scenes so quickly you didn’t get the chance to catch your breath. There have been so many books lately that I wished cut out unnecessary information, but the opposite was true. I wish it was longer so I could get to know the characters more and understand precisely what it was they were after.

A little too much mystery in this mystery, with elements needing clarification about who was where and why. Otherwise, a short and snappy read!

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