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When you start to lose a blogging buzz, you know it’s time for a breather. Reviews were getting on top of me (books as well as films) and I needed to rethink my priorities.

book-buzz-1Around a year ago, my book blogging habits changed when I discovered Netgalley. Unfortunately, I requested too many over the first few months and have been scrambling to catch up ever since, missing publishing dates and generally falling behind.

I am not one of those people who complain about having too many proof-copies sitting around. I am forever grateful for the books I have received, whether physically or digitally, and will get around to all of them, somehow.

I do, however, feel guilty. I’ve got a list of books that were published almost a year ago that I still haven’t reviewed. I feel I owe it to the publisher to get those reviews out and that I am letting everyone down by not having it done. Not to mention friends have sent me proof-copies to review and those too are still sitting on my shelf!

Posting one book review a week means it will take almost a year to get through my Netgalley list alone, providing I don’t request any new ones. Problem!


December helped as I was able to get a few extra reviews out and long reading sessions on the train also helps me catch up. Plus, I’ve stopped requesting at the moment.

Still, Operation Catch-Up isn’t going too well. I’m lucky if I get the review done within a year at the moment.

But feeling guilty about not having the reviews done was making me lose my enthusiasm for it. I love re-reading and have several series I am longing to curl up with. Feeling like I had to get these reviews done, however, was stopping me from doing that.

I felt I couldn’t read what I wanted, but what I had to. It was also preventing me from signing up to book tours, I didn’t want to say yes to more books!

Ebooks were taking precedence just because most of my reading was done on the train and it was easier. Physical books weren’t being touched and library books were slowly being cut out.

Where’s the fun in that?


The break helped me to put things in perspective. I was able to catch up on a few physical books I have had waiting around. It also reminded me that I am supposed to enjoy this, and that means reading what I want to read as well as the ones I have to read.

What does this mean for my blog?

It means I’m back in business with reviews. It won’t only be advanced copies though, but series I’ve been wanting to read for ages. I’ll be sneaking in extra reviews when I can, but I’ll also take the time to re-read/read what I want, rather than just for the blog.

The outrage of it!

How do you stop reviews from overwhelming you?


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