Up and Coming: March

Up and Coming

It has been so lovely getting back on track with blogging. I have a real buzz for it at the moment.

Or maybe that is just procrastination from uni work?

Between ARC’s, charity books, library books, borrowed books and re-reads, the number of books I have waiting to be read right now is insane. One book at a time, right? It’s the same with shows – too many to catch up on!

February was a fun month for reviews – I read and watched some really good things. How about you?

Hopefully, March will be the same!

Here’s what I have planned:

Books: I have one final physical book waiting for a review: Into the Dark by Lisa Hoffman, a sequel to Stealing the Light that I read mid-last year. I’m really looking forward to getting back to the characters and seeing how the story progresses!

I’m trying to make sure each month I have a recent and new book. This month, I have two. These are Extracted by R.R Haywood and Hoffer by Tim Glencross. Extracted looks to be an excited and high-paced read whereas Hoffer looks to be more mysterious and meaningful. I’m looking forward to both of them!


To finish the month, I plan to start The Sword of Shannara series by Terry Brooks. I’ve wanted to read this for ages, so decided it was about time. I’m hoping to read the first in the trilogy this month and see where I go from there!

I haven’t yet reached my balance between ARC’s (still have some to catch up on) and reading for entertainment only. I’m hoping some scheduling and planning will help me achieve this but we shall see. This is what I get for getting too carried away when I started out and requesting too many ARC’s and have been playing catch-up ever since.

Films: I was fortunate earlier in the year that I finally got to see some of the films that have been on my list for ages. It means I’m excited about the reviews for this month!

First up is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I hate Jane Austen, but I couldn’t deny I was intrigued to see how this had been done. What can I say; it had to be done!


Both The Jungle Book and Finding Dory made the cut for this month as well. It will be great fun to get some of these reviews done – I can’t wait to see the films!

I’ve been on a crazy watching spree the last few months. Although series 4 has started, I’m behind with Black Sails. With any luck, I should get the third series finished and reviewed so I can go straight onto the fourth. It’s been good fun watching them from the beginning – you get such a deeper connection with the characters going the entire way through.


So there we have it, this is what I have planned for this month. Have you seen/read any of these? What did you think?


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