Television Review: Black Sails, Series 3



After the destruction of Charles Town, Captain Flint sets out to become the most feared pirate alive, determined to threaten English law.

But English law is coming to Nassua. A new governor, armed with the navy and unlimited pardons, is set on taking the island. And he may very well do so, as he is aided not only by Captain Hornigold, but Eleanor Guthrie herself.

While Flint wages war, Max decides where her loyalties lie. Jack and Anne walk a treacherous road of survival.

Vane is faced with his past while Silver must contemplate his future.

No one is safe.

Programme: Black Sails, Series 3

Company: Amazon

Date: 2016


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It seems cliché to say this series was darker and deeper than before.

But it’s true.

Series 3 of Black Sails was intense from beginning to end, and had some interesting character progression.

The plot certainly takes a leap forward this series, with English law arriving in Nassua along with a new set of characters. The threat of Spain invading adds to the highly-charged episodes. It isn’t a prize or money on the line this time – it is freedom. It questions what men are prepared to do for it and what it could cost them.

There were definitely some character twists. Eleanor returns, but dressed in modest clothing and a good girl, serving the new governor. It didn’t work for me. Her confession of love sounded hollow and fake and Eleanor Guthrie being presented as meek undermined her character from the first two series.

Silver also has an interesting change. Determined to keep Flint in line, he starts embracing his dark side – and finds that he likes it. It made for good watching seeing how he struggles to deal with doing what is right and what feels good. His character could go in any direction now…which makes for exciting viewing!


New characters are introduced. Governor Rogers is everything you would expect – and I hope we see hints of his violent side in the next series. Teach – a pirate thrown off the island by Eleanor – was a disappointment. He’s a good character, but considering he was supposed to be the most notorious of them all, I’m just not seeing it

For the most part, the plot was highly charged. But the crew of the Walrus just happening to be becalmed and landing on an island is one thing. That island having a strong connection to Nassua – and a personal one at that – felt a little too far-fetched. It’s a big ocean, after all.

The scale was bigger this series. It wasn’t about different crews, but different countries. A war has been started and the fights are no longer confined to ships. Full scale battles turn up the tension more than ever!

A really strong third series with some interesting twists, even if some were implausible. I’m looking forward to series 4 and seeing where these developments lead!

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