Weekly Wonders: 6th-12th March


Despite having a deadline and a very busy week, I can honestly say I have had a positive one. For the first time in an age, I’ve actually had a couple of really good nights’ sleep. On top of that, I appear to have broken through my fatigue. I felt so much better when the sun came out and although I’ve never consciously noticed the weather impacting me, I’m feeling like it can’t be a coincidence.

As a direct result of that, I’ve had a few fantastic days getting a lot of focused work done, which has helped me feel in control despite the deadlines. One module’s work was submitted on Friday and I have another one coming up next Friday. I have everything crossed that I remain focused this week as well.

Also, for the first time in months, I actually have all of my lovefilm’s back in the post. It sounds like such a petty thing, I know. But I have had such a small amount of `me` time that watching films has certainly been off the agenda. I know I need to do better at just stopping and taking a few hours now and again to do something I enjoy, but I find it so hard to justify when I know I have work to do.

That’s part of the reason why I love writing up blog posts so much – I still feel productive but technically I am doing something for myself that I love doing. Win-win, really!

So what did you miss on the blog last week? (Apart from me falling massively behind on promoting posts, that is!)

It is always nice when I can get a NetGalley book reviewed and posted – I always pressurise myself to keep on top of them.

As it was a good week last week, let’s take a look at what is coming up this week!

  • Monday: Book Review: Into the Dark by Lisa Hofmann
  • Wednesday: My Favourite Childhood Books
  • Friday: Film Review: Annie
  • Saturday: Book Review: Tanza by Amanda Greenslade

This is a week of `seconds` as both Into the Dark and Tanza are seconds in their respective series. And both of them, cheekily, left me desperate to find out what happens next, refusing to believe that is the end of the storyline. (Well, I don’t have to believe it because I know it is not!).

I am currently warm and comfortable, snuggled in bed with a cup of tea. I think it is time to promote a few posts (as in, all of last’s weeks as I am behind!) and curl up with my book.

How has everyone’s Sunday been? I hope you have had a lovely one! What are you all reading or watching at the moment? Let me know! Have you seen/read any of the books/films in my upcoming reviews?


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