Book Review: Into the Dark by Lisa Hofmann

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Into the Dark 1

Goodread’s Synopsis: A year has passed since the Master Sorcerer’s murder.

Lorcan Aurum returns to Ironstone to make a life for himself there, while Catherine Salt is forced to join a troupe of traveling harlots and sell her body to survive. The merchants’ guild and the Inquisitor’s determined effort to destroy the Unnaturals bring about a shift in the political balance of the Duitiscish Kingdoms.

Both Lorcan and Catherine find themselves faced with few and difficult choices. Though worlds apart, the connection they share is The Fair, but Lorcan is bound by an old promise to protect the Master Sorcerer’s legacy, whereas Catherine is driven by ambitions that might cause more damage to the Unnaturals than the Church ever could.

Author: Lisa Hofmann

Title: Into the Dark

Publisher: Elisabeth Hofmann

Date: 2016

Into the Dark 2

Stealing the Light

I loved the magic and the complexity of the characters in Stealing the Light and was so excited about continuing their journey Into the Dark.

Oh my word.

This was one of those books where I was reading on the train, suddenly looked up and realised mine was the next stop and the rest of the train was empty – and I hadn’t notice it happen. I was gripped!

Lorcan, Catherine and Dean have grown up a lot in the past year, each having to deal with issues beyond their years, with consequences they can’t always comprehend.

Lorcan was my favourite from the get-go. He was so full of hope and ideals that he could make it in the world. He had such dreams, and falling in love only heightened that. But true love wasn’t on the cards for Lorcan and I wanted to wrap him up in a hug! He proves his worth and loyalty to those around him time and time again.

Lorcan would do what he always did if he told him. He’d take charge, and he’d look  at him that way, like he always did when he’d done something that wasn’t good enough – it was much the same way his father had looked at him all the time.

Dean… Oh poor helpless Dean… He always seems to be one step behind and in over his head, and yet he is trying so hard to fulfil his father’s legacy. I feel like Dean hasn’t reached his potential yet.

But Catherine – what a bi-atch! I liked her in the first book because she was trying to survive. The lengths she goes to in this book though – the people she hurts and kills with no remorse! Blackmail and torture aren’t off the cards for her either!

For the first half of the book, events spiral out of her control and I felt for her – she was still trying to survive. But she turns into such a dislikeable character that I was reading with a horrified fascination at what she was going to do next. Any empathy for her vanished. Catherine is the villain of the piece, there is no doubt about it!Into the Dark 3

The plot moves at a steady pace, although the divide between the character’s narrations is really uneven – we barely get any of Dean at all (which makes me think there is lots more to come from him!). More than once I got a little lost until realising a significant amount of time had passed between the chapters, but it was never enough to throw me off.

The world is full of magic to such an extent you can’t trust if your thoughts are your own or not. With everyone having a different Talent, it means you never quite know what each character is capable of, so you can’t predict anything! Especially when it is Catherine you are trying to predict…

Into the Dark is just as entertaining as Stealing the Light. There are some dark themes throughout and it threw me off initially quite how much sex there is, especially in the first half of the book. I was definitely hoping no one was reading over my shoulder! We witness Catherine’s hell and betrayals first hand – and the results are quite gruesome!

A really enjoyable read!



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