Weekly Wonders: 20-26th March


Another week been and gone. Time is going so quickly! I’m literally fighting to keep my eyes open, so I hope this all makes sense.

In all honesty, this has been a frustrating week with things going wrong. But I won’t go into that (no one wants to read a moan!) and just hope that things are better this week. I did get to go to a petting farm though! First time in years I’ve done something like that! I even braved approaching the chickens – but had to run away pretty fast!Weekly Wrap Up 1

I feel quite accomplished this week! I’ve been getting BookBub books for probably about a year now. I’ve been so focused on review titles, however, that I hadn’t touched that pile. I can now say I have officially read one!

I’m trying to muddle up reviewing and casual books a little at the moment to give it a nice balancing act. So as well as reading A Mighty Dawn this week – which was a pretty good book even if the plot needed to pick up in a few places – I’ve also read Requiem by Celina Grace.

It was a nice little mystery. Although it didn’t take me long at all, the plot was amazingly dark and twisted. I think it was part of a mystery series (although it also read as a stand-alone), so I am definitely interested in seeing what else Grace has written. It packed a perfect little punch – and I stayed up reading into the night, so it definitely had something going for it!

In terms of reviews, this is what has been occurring on the blog this week:

It was a very exciting week! I couldn’t believe looking ahead to next week that it would be April by the end of the week! That’s insane!

I feel in quite good standing for April posts so far. I’ve got enough planned that I’m hoping it is going to be okay! It will be May that is the real test because of deadlines. And after that, there won’t be so much train time so the reading will be cut down. On the plus side, I will get a few evenings back, so swings and roundabouts, as they say.Anyway, here is what is coming up this week:

  • Monday: Book Review: Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks
  • Wednesday: The Book Blogger Inside Tag
  • Friday: Film Review: The Jungle Book
  • Saturday: Book Blitz: The Shield of Soren

Another full on week, then.

This week, I am hoping to finish The Elfstones of Shannara as I am over two thirds of the way through it. I am also hoping to start The Oracle of Philadelphia as well – it’s been sitting on my reviewing pile for a while, really should do something about that.

How is everyone? I hope you’ve all had a great week!


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