Self Care 1

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about positive thinking and how everything in life was falling into place.

It’s amazing how quickly things can spiral out of control!

For those of you who don’t know, I am currently working part-time while completing a Masters course. I’ve just had a fortnight with two deadlines; it has been a very stressful time.

But also frustrating! I had been doing so well at looking after myself! Throw in a couple of deadlines and all of that vanished. It made me realise how much better I was feeling in myself and how I was more comfortable in my own skin when I took some “me” time.

A fortnight of not putting hand-cream on, not sleeping properly and comfort eating took their toll. When you battle low confidence anyway, this becomes quite a big deal, especially to stop yourself from letting it spiral out of control.

Self Care 2

It got me thinking of how much effort self-care can be.

We don’t always have time to have the long soak in the bath or an evening curled up with our favourite book or film. Even a manicure immobilises you for a while.

For some, basic self-care (showering, drinking water etc) can be enough of a challenge, let alone anything else. But when you have moved past that stage and have restricted time, there are lots of little things that can improve your well-being.

It’s all about how it makes you feel!

Here are my top five things that I now want to focus on to get back to feeling good:

  • Gym. This seems hypocritical when I say I don’t have much time. But the pros outweigh the cons – this not only works as a great stress reliever for me, but really makes me feel better physically. Any exercise will do it!
  • I am determined at the moment to ensure I have my five-a-day and limit the bad things. I had so much chocolate during those deadlines, it’s hardly surprising my skin is breaking out.Self Care 3
  • Straightening my hair. I have really thick, frizzy hair, yet straightening it only takes 15 minutes. It makes it easier to control and helps improve my confidence – I don’t look my age but this helps me look 18 rather than 12 (I’m 24!).
  • Moisturisers. Even if it just some hand-cream and lip balm at bed. When I stopped, within a couple of days my hands were cracking and it took a while to help them recover. One dose a day of hand cream and you can keep on top of it.
  • Skin-care. I have to admit, I slipped into a bad routine of not even using my cleanser properly. My skin felt oily and horrible. I’m now trying to improve it, but slipping up for a few days has repercussions for a few weeks – which is really frustrating!

What do you do to try and keep yourself functioning? Let me know in the comments below!


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