Why Did I Start Blogging?

Why I Started Blogging

I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot lately. I’m hoping to work in the Publishing industry, in particular as a publicist. As such, keeping my blog fresh and active is important, justifying keeping it going while I am studying and work is getting on top of me and I have no time!

But it got me thinking about how and why I started. I’ve been blogging for about three years now, although it has only been the last year that I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on my blog – engaging on social media, that sort of thing, rather than just the posts.

At heart, I am a reviewer. That is how I started blogging and I still love doing it now. But how did it all begin?

During my first year at university, I had a module on Film Reviews. We had to write a portfolio of reviews in styles of various publications, and I quickly realised how much of a blast I was having!

I started reviewing every book and film I read/saw, posting them up on blogspot. I wasn’t particularly interested in the blog side of things, I just wanted to be reviewing!

But the blog world sucked me in. Before long, I realised that I wanted to engage with the community as a whole and I wanted to experiment with other types of posts. I switched to WordPress and got such a thrill when I had my first few hits.


I won’t lie – I still get very few visitors and know that, compared to some of the amazing blogs out there, mine won’t ever surmount to much. But I don’t care. I still get a thrill out of writing the reviews, so as long as that happens, I will continue to write and post.

One I started paying attention to my blog, I realised that reviewing everything wasn’t working. I was scheduled up to about six months in advance. It might have made things easier in regards to the pressure of posting, but it also meant I couldn’t remember the book by the time the review was published. Answering comments was a nightmare!

After that, I started to schedule properly – planning each month as it came. This became easier once I joined NetGalley and could rely on a steady supply of books, even if I had to hastily dip into the `read now` section to find something.Organisation 4

I would like to think I’m quite organised with my posts. But we all know there are pressures to being a book blogger, despite how great it is! My next target is to clear my NetGalley list and control it – I got a bit carried away when I first joined and have been playing catch-up ever since!

There you have it: my reasons for blogging and what I intend my next step to be. I thought it might be nice to share what personally motivates me with my blog.

How about you? How did you start blogging?


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7 thoughts on “Why Did I Start Blogging?

  1. You seem pretty organized to me.
    My organization extends to just a word document where I list all the stuff I’m tagged for, ideas for discussion posts, and what to review next when I feel like reviewing. I can’t do a schedule for myself because then I’ll feel restricted and stop entirely.
    I started blogging because I want to have engaging discussions about what I read. Sometimes that works out well on my blog, othertimes it doesn’t.
    My book blogging has also developed into keeping a record of all I’ve read, when, and what I thought of what I read. Which I think will be helpful later when I look back on my thoughts.

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    • I got a bit carried away on Netgalley when I first joined and have been playing catch up ever since, so I feel like I need some sort of schedule to make sure I am steadily knocking off those reviews even when there is other stuff that I want to read. It doesn’t always work though – it’s going a bit wrong with films at the moment, which is just causing me loads of stress, so it can backfire! More than once I’ve thought about dropping the film/tv reviews, but I can’t always get through enough books to do two posts on them. It’s great being able to sort through what you think of a book and get it down into words how you felt, isn’t it?


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