Television Review: Breaking Bad, Series 3


Breaking Bad Series 3

Amazon Synopsis: Walter turned to drugs after being diagnosed with lung cancer, hoping to pay off his weighty medical bills and provide for his family in the event of his death. Unfortunately, becoming involved in the drugs industry brings with it numerous complications.

In this series, Walter has to deal with divorce proceedings initiated by his wife, Skyler, when she finally discovers where their newfound riches have come from and finds his business at risk from both the DEA and a Mexican drug cartel.

Programme: Breaking Bad, Series 3

Company: High Bridge Productions 

Date: 2010

Rating:  3/5

Series 1 Review | Series 2 Review

With the explosive end to series 2, I was starting to understand the hype surrounding Breaking Bad. It twisted in a way I didn’t see coming – and would have never been able to guess. It left me excited for series three.

Maybe all series have their low point. But I personally felt series three lacked excitement and tension. It felt like a lot of long discussions as secrets were unravelled; secrets the audience had been privy too from the start, so did not need to hear them explained again.

My main problem with series 3 was the lack of dynamics between Walt and Jesse. Walt initially decides he wants no further part in the drug world while Jesse is adamant that he is the bad guy and Jane’s death weighs heavily on him. Even when they both start to get back in business, they are on conflicting sides for the majority of the series, and it was their duo that made the show such compelling viewing.

That being said, this series did have one of the best scenes between the two of them: an exhausted Walt confessing how he feels about everything while Jesse tries to stop him from collapsing – albeit because he has drugged him to help him sleep. This messed-up relationship is what makes the show so good, and when it was limited to a few scenes, I grew bored.

The danger and tension are technically higher than ever: Walt is on a hit-list and it is his brother-in-law who bears the brunt of that grudge. A larger organisation employs Walt to cook for them – but he knows that relationship will only last for as long as they need him and then it is game over.

But for some reason, the pacing felt so slow and I was bored for a lot of it. There are a lot of `dramatic` conversations: threats are subtly delivered, secrets revealed and people’s lives turned upside down.

Until the final few episodes, however, that is as far as it goes – threatening conversations made dramatic by the lack of soundtrack. They were impressive in the first series, now they are just old.

It can’t be said that there isn’t character development though, especially when it comes to Skyler. She goes from a clueless Mum who has her suspicions to helping Walt launder the money in order to use it without arousing suspicion. She went from a secondary character to a main player, and it is great fun to watch!

Character development such as this is what is keeping me interested in the series – there is no telling what is going to happen next. I am hoping that series three was just the mid-point, the dip while the writers pooled their resources and figured out what they could do next. I’ll carry on watching just because I’ve got this far now, but I am hoping series four picks up again.

I was disappointed with series three, even with its golden moments on occasion.

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10 thoughts on “Television Review: Breaking Bad, Series 3

  1. Oooohhh!! I shouldn’t have read this because I spoiled myself a bit, but I couldn’t help it!!
    I’m on season 2 now. At the end of it, actually, and can’t wait to see what happens next.
    Yep, their messed up relationship carries the show, but I’m also interested in seeing how dealing drugs affects who they become.
    And OMG! Can’t believe Skyler goes dark side too. I guess Walt corrupts her or something.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah no, I hope it didn’t spoil too much! Glad to hear I’m not the only one several years behind the times 😉 You’ve got some interesting stuff to come then in regards to that but I’m hoping season 4 has the buzz factor back again.


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